Exploring the shifting shorelines of Armenia’s largest lake

There was a moment in spring 2012 when bureaucrats in the Armenian capital Yerevan gave a little cheer for Lake Sevan. Boosted by spring runoff from the surrounding mountains, the lake’s water level had finally risen above the 1900m contour, bringing it up to the same benchmark that had prevailed fifty years ago—before catastrophic man-made … Continued

Litter picking on Everest: Why the world’s tallest mountain still needs a tidy

With a cloud-piercing 8,848m summit, Everest is seen as the ultimate mountaineering expedition for adventurous climbers around the world. Reaching the top of the world’s highest mountain is a huge achievement—one that many have died attempting due to avalanches, crevice falls, hurricanes, frostbite, pneumonia or sheer exhaustion. When people do reach the summit, getting back down … Continued

This Earth Day, let’s save our planet

It’s now been 46 years since Earth Day was first celebrated and in that time we’ve seen our planet change dramatically. We’ve watched melting icecaps, mass deforestation, ever more acidic oceans, a wave of international poaching, dying whales, and rising global temperatures. At Love Nature we report on this big serious stuff, and sometimes it can prove upsetting, … Continued

The strange history of Britain's 'Anthrax Island'

In a remote part of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides there’s an island, but it’s not much to look at. Just over a mile long and half a mile wide, windswept, the place lies lifeless; ‘dozens of rabbit holes but no rabbits’, remarked visiting journalist David Harrison back in 2001. Originally ‘full of woods’ and a ‘guid for fostering … Continued

Scientists knew this lake would 'drain catastrophically during 2015'—Now it finally has

This past July a permafrost retention wall holding back a lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories gave way, dumping half its contents—some 30,000m3 of water—into the surrounding countryside and creating a 2km trail of muddy debris. But the video (shown below) detailing the true extent of the event was just released last week, compliments a remote camera … Continued

Time to put the wildness back into childhood

Only 40 years ago, children were free to roam about the countryside. Yet over a quarter of today’s kids have never played outside by themselves beyond their garden gate, according to a new YouGov poll for the UK charity, The Wildlife Trusts. Modern lifestyles, stranger danger fears and declining wildlife habitats mean that youngsters are … Continued