This Earth Day, let’s save our planet

It’s now been 46 years since Earth Day was first celebrated and in that time we’ve seen our planet change dramatically. We’ve watched melting icecaps, mass deforestation, ever more acidic oceans, a wave of international poaching, dying whales, and rising global temperatures.

At Love Nature we report on this big serious stuff, and sometimes it can prove upsetting, both to read and to write. But before we all get too down and out about the state of the planet, it’s important to remember just how far we’ve come as a species since that first Earth Day was observed way back in 1970.

Last December, 195 countries agreed to fight global climate change with the The Paris Agreement, setting out to not only rid the world of the scourge of fossil fuel pollution, but also capping global warming below a 2ºC threshold. And the world invested $286 billion on clean energy in 2015, according to a U.N. Environment Program report, compared to $130 billion on new oil and coal projects: twice as much!

New and ever sophisticated technologies—such as drones, 3D printers, even mushroom packaging—are springing up to help tackle age old environmental questions, from poaching to plastics use. But most importantly of all, through our ever-more integrated ways of connecting online, the fight to save the environment now crosses all national borders and population demographics, in a worldwide and unified movement to protect Planet Earth.


Our readers show the very best of this fighting-for-the-planet spirit and it’s heartwarming to read all the comments, thoughts and suggestions passed onto us via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. So this April 22nd, let’s continue to take a stand and make good, big and important stuff happen for our planet.

Let’s plant trees, move away from from fossil fuels, make cities and industries more sustainable, be nicer to animals and, as a global society, continue forward with the momentum established at the Paris Climate Summit. Together we can all build a better, more sustainable world.