Secretary Birds: Killer Queens

Don’t let this bird’s looks distract you. The secretary bird has some serious kick!

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Death on the steppes: The saga of the saiga antelope

This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Saiga Conservation Alliance. They are a network of researchers and conservationists that are working in several countries in the Saiga’s range to save this beautiful animal. With its distinctive, almost Muppet-like nose, the saiga has a face you can’t forget. But, as a mysterious mass … Continued

From MGM stars to man-eaters: 10 of the most famous lions throughout history

Lions (Panthera leo) are some of the most iconic creatures on Earth. Unusual among big cats for both their social behaviour and striking sexual dimorphism, these ‘kings of beasts’ have been important to humans since the dawn of mankind. Some lions have even managed to transcend the general notoriety of their species to stake out … Continued

Camels: pack animal of the future

Camels are ultra efficient workhorses, and the secret to their success may be in their blood. While most people think of horses, cattle and oxen as the ultimate pack-animals, camels have been equally useful to humans. The perfect longhaul transport vehicle—able to travel for weeks without water or food thanks to reserves in its hump—camels … Continued

Chilli seeds and light aircraft—Latest update from GRI

Love Nature’s charity partner Game Rangers International have just launched an exciting new project in the south of Kafue National Park, combining women’s empowerment with human-elephant conflict mitigation. District Community Officer Britius Munkombwe trained the Shanangoma Women’s Group to sow and propagate chilli seeds, and to start their own chilli nursery. The majority of mature chilli … Continued

Blood brothers: A family of cheetahs prove blood is thicker than water, even in the wild

All the best TV dramas revolve around themes infused with tension, conflict and resolution, as the main protagonists deal with life, love, loss and friendship, often against a backdrop of family feuds, turf wars, sex and violence. Cheetah Blood Brothers is no exception—except this is no Netflix drama, this is real life as it plays … Continued

We're cooking on the wild side this weekend with these exclusive new nature shows

How do you enjoy the world’s great wild spaces when the only resources available to you are those that Mother Nature provides? That’s the topic of Cooking in the Wild, an exclusive new show to the Love Nature streaming app. Each week instructor in survival techniques John C. invites a renowned French chef out into the wild on a quest to … Continued

'If only more people knew that it exists'—Meet Africa's critically endangered ghost cat

The fastest land mammal on Earth once ranged across 25 million square kilometers, from South Africa to Morocco and Iran to India. Now, the iconic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a shadow of its former self. Beset on all sides by vanishing prey, declining habitat and increasing poaching, and human-wildlife conflict, the future is at best … Continued

7 little-known facts about Africa’s super seven

Africa is one of the most popular game-viewing destinations on the planet. The continent’s most famous animals were originally sought after by hunters but now it is predominantly tourists who hope to catch a glimpse of these iconic species. This week we’re airing the documentary Africa’s Super Seven on the Love Nature streaming app, so we … Continued

Hunting scandal erupts in Tanzania as safari snuff movie makers given new license to kill

A year after the killing of Cecil the lion by a wealthy American dentist prompted revulsion and condemnation around the world, trophy hunting in Africa is again in the news, with the Tanzanian government accused of leasing land to a disgraced safari company backed by a ultra rich member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, for … Continued

This is the devastating reality of the illegal bushmeat trade

Bushmeat—defined as meat that is illegally sourced from wild animals—is a problem that drastically affects wildlife populations around the world. The problem shows no signs of abating: illegal wildlife trade summits often fail to address the issue, focusing instead on more publicly-supported issues such as elephant and rhino conservation. There is no doubt that all … Continued

Arnold Schwarzenegger charged by African elephant

‘I couldn’t have written this safari encounter better if it was a movie.’ These are the words of actor, bodybuilder and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came across a massive African elephant while on safari in South Africa. Schwarzenegger posted the encounter on his YouTube page, and expressed admiration for these mighty beasts. … Continued

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Why this unassuming ant is considered a prince among insects

In western culture, insects tend to be viewed as pests. There are exceptions, of course—bees who make our honey and ladybirds who keep our gardens aphid-free—but for the most part, minibeasts like flies, wasps and ants are seen as unwanted guests in our otherwise pristine human-centric environments. Not all cultures around the world are so … Continued

The golden moles of Africa

Dig down a few feet into Africa’s parched red soils and you might just encounter a burrowing biological oddity that has baffled scientists for two centuries. The golden moles (although, entirely unrelated to the more familiar ‘true’ moles) are a group of subterranean insectivorous mammals that live beneath a variety of forest, grassland and desert … Continued

The extraordinary story of the explorer who disappeared in Africa, then sent a 'friend request' 13-years-later

‘With the bicentenary of the death of the British explorer Mungo Park approaching, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to his memory to recreate his travels in post-colonial West Africa. I intend to follow the brief set for him by the African Association in 1795 to discover the River Niger and to follow … Continued

Everything you ever wanted to know about the illegal ivory trade, as explained by a leading elephant expert

Mary Rice has held a deep affinity with elephants for as long as she can remember. Today Executive Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)—an independent campaigning organisation committed to protecting the natural world from environmental crime—and team leader of their Elephant Campaign, the author of Heat, Dust and Dreams has been fighting for the welfare of … Continued

Rhinos to be airlifted to Australia in a desperate bid to save the species

If one man’s mission is successful, Australia is set to see an influx of refugees whose lives are in grave peril in their African homeland. The group is escaping conditions that would be described as genocidal if they were human. But they’re not. They’re rhinos. And according to expat South African Ray Dearlove, they and … Continued

Being mauled by a cheetah hasn’t slowed down Shannon Wild’s passion for wildlife photography

Everyone’s got a dream. For photographer Shannon Wild (real name Shannon Benson), that dream is to capture amazing portraits of wild animals on her camera. Shannon is one of the lucky few whose dream has become a reality. Since relocating to Africa from her native Australia to work full time as a wildlife photographer, she … Continued

Lion cub gets stuck in a tree

As it goes with tree climbing, getting down is the hardest part. This lion cub found that out the hard way.

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