We’re cooking on the wild side this weekend with these exclusive new nature shows

How do you enjoy the world’s great wild spaces when the only resources available to you are those that Mother Nature provides?

That’s the topic of Cooking in the Wild, an exclusive new show to the Love Nature streaming app. Each week instructor in survival techniques John C. invites a renowned French chef out into the wild on a quest to appreciate how the concepts of life and luxury change when confronted with the vast and rugged immensity of the natural world. But the weekend’s watching doesn’t end there: Megafalls Of Iguacu follows a group of environmentalists studying the incredible animal diversity found around Brazil’s largest waterfalls, whereas Africa’s Secret Seven examines the hidden lives of some of the continent’s most seclusive creatures.

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2374417Cooking in the Wild—Eps 1

Follow survivalist and instructor, John C. as he takes one of Toulouse’s top chefs out of the kitchen and into the heart of the French wilderness. This culinary master can only bring with him 3 utensils and 3 ingredients to help him create an original and delicious meal. John will have to show this chef how to hunt, forage and start a fire in order to create one of the wildest culinary experiences he’s ever had!

2376894Megafalls Of Iguacu

The torrents of Brazil’s Iguacu waterfalls dwarf those of Niagara. Among the otherworldly beauty of the falls are families of small mammals, flocks of birds, and the hunting grounds of the legendary Jaguar. But the unbelievable ecosystem of this region is under threat from poaching and deforestation. Watch as a team of Environmentalists study and strain to save this sliver of epic beauty.

2374588Africa’s Secret Seven

Take a peek into the secret life of the serval, aardvark, pangolin, genet, African wildcat, civet and porcupine, as they furtively go about their nocturnal activities. This film is a privileged glimpse into the extremely private nightlife of these animals and how their particular adaptations allow them to survive under the cover of darkness.

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