The only #10YearsChallenge that matters

Over the past several weeks social media feeds have been buzzing with the latest Internet craze: the #2019Challenge, or the #10YearsChallenge as it’s been dubbed. Essentially, people upload a photo of themselves 10 years ago with a side-by-side photo of themselves today to see how much they’ve changed.

The “challenge” has sparked some concern, with naysayers claiming it could potentially be a Facebook scam in order to collect facial recognition information. Then there are those who have taken the challenge to heart and turned it into a cause by forgoing the selfies and showcasing how pollution, climate change, and overall consumption have impacted the environment over the past decade instead. These are some of our favourite memes that have come out of the whole thing, and really, they may be the only #10YearsChallenge photos that matter.