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Is there goat poop in argan oil?

Goats seem to be everywhere in pop culture these days, from bleating goat videos on shows like The Good Wife to the always Instagramable goat yoga. So it should come as no surprise that pictures of goats climbing argan trees in Morocco are what’s giving us life this week. As it turns out, these acrobatic tree-goats … Continued

Bee porn is now a thing, and it’s exactly what you think

“You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals…” The Bloodhound Gang’s earworm hit may have won over hearts for a brief period of time in 1999, but we’re bringing it back and replacing “mammals” with “insects” for this un-bee-lievable story of porn, fundraising, and bees. Montreal-based pornography site Pornhub, which launched in 2007 and has … Continued

The controversial reason Poland is planning a mass slaughter of all its boars

Wild animals facing disease is nothing new, nor is the idea of a human-led mass animal slaughter in order to stop the further spread of such diseases. But this could be the first time that a major national protest has led to a government retracting on such reported plans. Or at least claiming to. Recently … Continued

Meet the Madagascar pochard: the world's rarest bird

For many people the new year is an opportunity for a fresh start and the potential to create new surroundings. Well if that’s the case then things are going just ducky for the Madagascar pochard in 2019. Considering the long swim the world’s rarest bird has had to get there, we’d say that’s definitely worth … Continued

The most significant instances of wildlife decline in Canada in 2018

Earlier this year it was pretty sobering to learn that we’ve now killed 83 per cent of all wild mammals on earth. Still, facts like that somehow seem to be another country’s problem—something sad that happens in other parts of the world. In a country like Canada, we’re basically doing okay with our moose, and … Continued

The ethical dilemma of warm winter wear

Canadians are about to face the coldest months of the season, which means it’s time to break out the serious winter gear. From giant parkas to lined boots, staying warm in the bitter cold is necessary as we shuffle from place to place and try to go about our regularly scheduled lives. But while that … Continued

Meet the real life fox whisperer

Many wildlife photographers become known for their jaw-dropping snaps of animals in the bush, or for their fierce focus on creatures that aren’t easily accessible to the public. And then there’s Konsta Punkka, a.k.a. The Fox Whisperer.   View this post on Instagram   ~ Just chilling and enjoying the life A post shared by … Continued

Remembering Roger, the world’s most muscular kangaroo

At first it seemed like a meme gone wrong, but a few years ago a six-foot-seven, 200-pound kangaroo became a global celebrity when photos of his buff, buff body basically broke the Internet. As you would expect a bodybuilder-muscle-flexing kangaroo, holding a crushed metal bucket, to do. Since then we’ve all been following “Roger’s” adventures … Continued

5 animals that moved to the endangered list in 2018

The past year has certainly been filled with bids to help stabilize ecosystems and increase the number of certain species. From conservationists taking drastic measures to preserving rhino populations, to poachers potentially facing the death penalty in Kenya, there have been some pretty creative solutions to ongoing problems. It’s those kinds of measures that have … Continued

The ongoing plight of honeybees

With their buzzing little bodies, their often feared stingers, and their servitude towards a single queen, honeybees have long fascinated us. Look no further than Jerry Seinfeld, who based an entire animated film (Bee Movie) on one, or the marketing people behind Honey Nut Cheerios for proof. Unfortunately, honeybees also continue to be in grave … Continued

These photographs are the antidote to sad nature stories everywhere

The Internet can be a dark and depressing place full of soul-sucking stories and gloomy Guses. Thankfully a popular Reddit page brimming with amazing shots of animals and nature has become the antidote to all of that angst… and we can’t look away. 🔥 Elephant Love 🔥 from r/NatureIsFuckingLit Nature Is Fucking Lit (NIFL) kicked … Continued

11 animals that are prone to cannibalism

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, what with evolving ecosystems, loss of habitats, and overall human effects on the greater animal kingdom. So can you really blame an animal for sometimes turning on its own kind? There are a variety of reasons animals engage in cannibalism, from stories of survival, stress and sex, to stranger … Continued

Elephants are ditching their tusks in an evolutionary twist

Darwin’s theory of evolution based on natural selection is proving true once again, except this time it seems like humans are to blame for the quiet genetic evolution taking place. Researchers in Africa have discovered a tuskless trend growing in female elephants, one they’re beginning to directly correlate to heavily poached areas. According to a … Continued

Citizens are taking climate change into their own hands with a global movement

If you’re concerned about climate change, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, and all of the other things happening to our planet these days, it can be frustrating to see report after report come out from credible, scientific sources calling for change… only to witness governments fail to really pay attention. You’re not alone in your … Continued

Palm oil: the global killer we need to talk about

Humans have a long, dark history of coming up with “miracle” products that facilitate our lives and then become so in-demand that it’s hard to stop using them, despite their ill-effects on the environment and wildlife. Plastics, fast food, and paper cups are just some obvious examples. One such product that certainly falls into this … Continued

Social media is bad news for the ethical treatment of animals

If you cooked a delicious meal, perfected a pretty hairstyle, or travelled to an exotic place but then forgot to post about it on social media, did it ever really happen at all? On one hand Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can be great communication tools. But there’s also a darker side to these … Continued

Dogs with Jobs: Therapy Pets

For a person without sight, a guide dog can be a lifesaver. Not only is the animal a constant companion, but it can also retrieve dropped or lost items, help open and close doors and drawers, and bark for help should the owner need it. In short, these dogs provide an essential service to a … Continued

China just dealt a devastating blow to rhinos and tigers

It’s a low day for animal conservationists (not to mention animal lovers in general) now that China has reversed a 25-year ban on the use of endangered tiger and rhino parts for “medical” purposes, the effects of which will very well be felt worldwide. Earlier this week China’s State Council released a statement announcing that … Continued

Canada is one step closer to banning whale and dolphin captivity

These days, no responsible tourist can enter a marine park or aquarium without facing the ethical question of whether they should be forking over their hard-earned money to support such establishments. Look no further than the Vancouver Aquarium or Niagara Fall’s Marineland, where activists regularly congregate to protest the captivity and breeding of cetaceans, for … Continued

Jellyfish Lake is one of the world’s most beautiful (swimmable) wonders

While swimming in a lake filled with jellyfish doesn’t sound too inviting..seeing this footage might change your mind completely. What is Jellyfish Lake? This beautiful lake is located on Eil Malk Island, part of Palau’s Rock Islands, and is famous with tourists because it’s teeming with a unique species of jellyfish—the golden jellyfish. These jellies … Continued

Octopus wrestling: the lost (and ancient) sport

We’ve heard of some weird sports in our time, from egg throwing and cheese rolling to bog snorkelling and outhouse racing. But in our minds, one of the weirdest (not to mention most unethical) sports that ever existed has got to be octopus wrestling. The activity is obviously no longer in existence or socially acceptable, … Continued

13 things you didn't know about okapi, the African unicorn.

When it comes to African animals trying to survive the brutal realities of poaching and habitat loss, we often think of rhinos, elephants, and other popular creatures that have historically been featured in Disney movies or on magazine covers. Okapi, however, don’t usually spring to mind. With their unique physical makeup and their secluded nature, … Continued