Playtime! Watch these orphaned baby rhinos frolic about with a completely new lease on life

Sadly, like too many baby rhinos these days, PJ and Monty have experienced much more trauma then they ever should have. But thankfully, through the tireless efforts of a few kind-hearted helpers, these two cheeky little fellas finally have a chance to once again do what all youngsters do best: play!

PJ lost his mother after she was poached for her horn and Monty was rejected by his mother. The pair simply wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for the help of wildlife vet Dr. Johan Marais and his organisation Saving the Survivors; a group dedicated to protecting the rhino victims of Africa’s poaching epidemic.

Today PJ and Monty live on a Saving the Survivors sanctuary, where the ever-active duo get up to all sorts of fun and play, all whilst receiving the vital care and attention needed to overcome the traumatic events of their past. And just look how happy they are now; one glance at the video shows the pair have discovered a new-found lease on life—and judging by the below clip—a mischievous predilection for fun too.


Paul Oxton’s group, the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, helps fund this sanctuary and others through generous donations by the international public. He filmed the video, and understands better than most how important it is to look after the rhinos left behind in the wake of horrific poaching attacks.

‘Oftentimes, when an animal is poached, there’s a young one left orphaned,’ Oxton told The Dodo. ‘The people taking care of these animals rely on public support since they don’t get government help. It’s something that people need to think about. Taking care of the survivors of these killings is what drives me.’

For those wishing to help rhinos affected by poaching, please visit Saving the Survivors and Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation for more information.

Earlier this year, Saving the Survivors rushed to perform an ingenious and life-saving operation to save another rhino called Hope, who’d been left for dead after a poaching attack. You can read about her extraordinary journey to survival here.