An eye-opening examination of those who survive 'off-grid'

Going off grid is a concept that means vastly different things to different people. For Charles Foster—Oxford don, barrister and author—it involved shunning work suits and spending extended periods of time living like various English animals, sleeping in bushes and holes in the ground, and feasting on live earthworms and raw plants. Despite his high-flying … Continued

Help for Santa’s helpers? The plight of reindeer in Britain

Not so long ago, the only contact children in Britain had with reindeer was finding a nibbled carrot on the fireplace beside Santa’s half eaten mince pie on Christmas morning. Nowadays, they can see Rudolf in the flesh at one of numerous festive events taking place in town centres around the country and even feed … Continued

Chilli seeds and light aircraft—Latest update from GRI

Love Nature’s charity partner Game Rangers International have just launched an exciting new project in the south of Kafue National Park, combining women’s empowerment with human-elephant conflict mitigation. District Community Officer Britius Munkombwe trained the Shanangoma Women’s Group to sow and propagate chilli seeds, and to start their own chilli nursery. The majority of mature chilli … Continued

Obamacare Mk.II: US President sanctions world's largest ever ecologically protected zone

President Obama has just celebrated the centenary of the US National Park Service (NPS) by massively expanding a national marine monument in Hawaii, where he was born. The newly super-sized Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument now sprawls across 582,578 square miles of blue ocean around the uninhabited northwestern islands of Hawaii, making it officially the planet’s … Continued

Meet Wallace. He's here because we can't stop flushing a certain luxury down the loo

The UK’s leading marine charity and the water company that supplies Cornwall are joining forces to highlight the huge problems created by flushing wet wipes down the loo—with the help of a giant monster made out of wipes! The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is bringing Wallace the Wet Wipe Monster to Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth on … Continued

'We have never seen anything like this'—Over 300 wild reindeer killed by freak lightning storm

Over the weekend hundreds of reindeer were killed by lightning in Norway, in a freak incident that appears to be unprecedented in recorded history. The bodies of 323 reindeer were found after a severe electrical storm savaged the Hardangervidda mountain plateau in southern Norway, a scenic area, which is popular among local hikers and foreign … Continued

Earthquakes ravage central Italy… and the true disaster may have only begun

It’s not the first time, or the last, that Europe’s famous boot got a major kick from down below compliments Mother Nature. On Tuesday central Italy was rocked by a 5.5-magnitude earthquake, which has since been followed by some 1,000 plus aftershocks, with equal and larger magnitudes, devastating ancient villages in the Apennine Mountains and … Continued

Have you ever seen a blue-green farm? They're not quite what you'd expect

The farms of the future can’t feasibly resemble those of yesteryear in size, shape, or form. In fact, they may not even be on land. It only takes a few minutes chatting with Bren Smith, Executive Director and founder of GreenWave—the 501c3 non-profit organisation behind a revolutionary new 3D ocean farming technique—to realise this man’s … Continued

Space explorers discover our nearest known exoplanet, and it's potentially inhabited

Sky scouring scientists have just announced the discovery of an Earth-like exoplanet in orbit around our own sun’s nearest stellar neighbour, Proxima Centauri. And, not only is this newly noticed world located on our galactic doorstep, it’s also positioned in the right proximity to its host star to make liquid water a possibility…so it could … Continued

Mortal Wombat! A woman was just savaged by a seemingly cuddly marsupial

A woman in Australia who was attacked by a wombat in a suburban street in the country’s capital city has said that she thought she was going to be killed by the deceptively docile looking marsupial. Wombats, although extremely powerful animals, are usually peaceful vegetarians, but it didn’t look that way when Kerry Evans became … Continued

These incredible bird photos are beyond beautiful

A magically moody shot of a mute swan has nailed the top slot at the very first Bird Photographer of the Year (BPOTY) competition, a new initiative held by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) in partnership with Nature Photographers Ltd. BTO President and competition head judge, Chris Packham, made the announcement during the awards … Continued

Britain is surrounded by sharks, but don't panic

The sudden onset of summer in Britain over the last few weeks has produced a familiar surge of hysterical claims with one common denominator: sharks surround the UK coast, just waiting to chomp those swimmers, surfers and paddlers with enough pluck to enter the chilly water. In the last week alone, a fishing charter operator … Continued

The 'people of the forest' are disappearing. Here's why

As of last month, the Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) is now listed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. It joins the closely related Sumatran Orangutan (P. abelii), meaning that both species are now sitting precariously on the brink of extinction. The orangutan are rainforest apes found in South-east Asia. Mainly arboreal, they spend … Continued

Why the 'Wolf of the Water' is coming back to North America

A much-feared freshwater fish that grows longer than a horse and has a mouth like a crocodile is being embraced by biologists and ecologists in the US as the last hope of controlling a damaging invasion of Asian carp, which has swept up the country’s waterways towards the Great Lakes like an unstoppable tide. Once … Continued

Is this the world's saddest polar bear?

Heartbreaking footage of a polar bear being kept in bleak and lonely captivity in a Chinese shopping mall, purely so passersby can peer in and take selfies with it, has been released by the activist group Animals Asia, who are calling for people to sign a petition demanding the ‘facility’ be shut down. ‘Trapped in … Continued

Hunting scandal erupts in Tanzania as safari snuff movie makers given new license to kill

A year after the killing of Cecil the lion by a wealthy American dentist prompted revulsion and condemnation around the world, trophy hunting in Africa is again in the news, with the Tanzanian government accused of leasing land to a disgraced safari company backed by a ultra rich member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, for … Continued

This disturbing video shows why you should never visit a wild animal circus

Warning: some will find the above video distressing. In 2015, an eyewitness visited Suzhou, China—which encompasses more than 300 circuses—to go undercover inside 10 different circuses and animal training facilities. What they documented is eye-opening, heart-wrenching and disturbing. Behind-the-scenes footage, published today for the first time by PETA, shows bears forced to stand on two legs or face … Continued

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Sheep shoot streetview vision on the islands Google forgot

Sick of waiting for Google to turn up with their Street View car, a Faroe Islands‘ inhabitant has instead employed the islands’ sheep to do the job for them. Welcome to SheepView360, the planet’s first and only (we’re fairly confident in saying) geo-spacial video project shot entirely by ovines. The concept, which has grabbed international … Continued

Whale and winghead sharks heading for existential abyss, and imminent extinction looms over orangutans

Human behaviour is pushing several species right to the very brink of extinction, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has recently warned. The organisation, which monitors the world’s most vulnerable populations, has just listed whale sharks and winghead sharks as ‘Endangered’, while Bornean orangutans have been added to the ‘Critically Endangered’ section … Continued

The strange world of river sharks

Worldwide there are more than 500 recognised species of sharks and that number is continuing to grow as new species are discovered lurking in the depths of the world’s oceans. Encompassing everything from the well known great white and hammerhead sharks, to little known oddities such as the deep-sea dwarf lanternshark or the enormous plankton … Continued

Escaped lynx on the loose around Dartmoor could be caught by a recording of his mum

A lynx that escaped from Dartmoor Zoo on Thursday is still on the loose in rural Devon, and searchers are planning to use a recorded call of its mother to try and lure the wild cat out of hiding. The two-year-old cat, called Flaviu, is a Eurasian lynx. He arrived at Dartmoor on Wednesday, after being … Continued

The animal lover’s guide to surviving Brexit

The UK is leaving the EU, so what does that mean for the beasts of Britain? Two weeks after the monumental decision was made, Love Nature attempts to make some sense of what the future might hold Amid all the acrimony, arm flailing and desperate wailing that has followed the British people’s controversial decision to … Continued

'Roger Juno, welcome to Jupiter.' Probe begins exploring the brutal environment of our biggest neighbour

At six minutes to midnight on the fourth of July (Eastern Standard Time), the collected cast and crew at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, went totally wild. The exploratory probe Juno had just successfully gone into orbit around Jupiter, having navigated into one of the most hostile environments in our solar system—and it was … Continued

Honeymooning scientist discovers giant venomous amphibious centipede

Some people have to accept that their partners are married to their work, but the new wife of scientist George Beccaloni may have been sightly miffed when the most exciting thing to happen during their honeymoon to Southeast Asia was the discovery of a 20cm-long centipede that can swim and inflict an excruciatingly painful bite. … Continued

Why we’ve taken Nature online, ‘On Demand’

As you’ve already probably deduced from the name, at Love Nature we are pretty passionate about the natural world, and about discovering the best ways to communicate our love for wildlife to like-minded enthusiasts right across the Earth. That’s why we decided to launch a video streaming service exclusively focused on nature, the environment, conservation, … Continued

Birds pushed to the edge by floods

A flock of cranes that ended up at the centre of a once-in-200-year flood has given researchers a rare insight into how wildlife copes with extreme weather. The cranes’ progress was being tracked by researchers from the University of Exeter, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and RSPB when severe flooding hit the Somerset Levels … Continued