Why we’ve taken Nature online, ‘On Demand’

As you’ve already probably deduced from the name, at Love Nature we are pretty passionate about the natural world, and about discovering the best ways to communicate our love for wildlife to like-minded enthusiasts right across the Earth.

That’s why we decided to launch a video streaming service exclusively focused on nature, the environment, conservation, the great outdoors and all sorts of interesting wildlife too. As far as we know this is the first ‘Nature, On Demand’ service anywhere in the world right now, and the best bit is that we’re also home to world’s largest library of 4K (Ultra-HD) wildlife and nature documentaries, available in 32 countries worldwide.

So why this service, and why now? Well, as we’re sure you’re aware, the way we as individuals consume mass-media is changing, drastically. TV viewership has been in a state of decline, in the UK falling by about 7 per cent year-on-year among those aged 25 to 34. In the USA, between 2011 and 2015, traditional autumn TV viewing by 18–24-year-olds dropped by almost 8-and-a-half hours per week: that’s more than an hour and ten minutes per day. Even when we watch television we’re consuming it much differently to how we did in the past: over 87% of us now use more than one device at a time whilst watching shows.

Heavyweights with Unexpected Skills. Just one of the shows available on Love Nature.

In its place, new ways of viewing content are fast becoming the norm. Incredibly, YouTube in 2007 was thought to be using a bandwidth equivalent to that of the entire internet in 2000. Today the site has over one billion users worldwide, with 300 hours of new video content being produced every minute. Likewise, video on demand service Netflix now has (as of January 2016) 75 million subscribers, with 100 million hours worth of content being watched on the platform globally each and every day.

These developments may be drastically refurbishing the landscape of visual media, but luckily the new atmosphere of online-first engagement has opened up amazing new opportunities for nature lovers too. Through the globalised medium of the Internet, supported by the key pillars of social media, at Love Nature we’re now in the unique and enviable position of being able to reach hundreds of thousands—millions—of nature lovers globally, bringing them together to offer a depth of natural world programming (shot in over 40 locations worldwide) simply unavailable anywhere else on the planet.

But more than that, we can now, and indeed are, working with wildlife fans proactively, quickly and transparently to not not only provide you with on demand access to the best nature shows out there (we’re producing over 200 hours of 4K nature and wildlife content annually), but to also become a platform for meaningful worldwide engagement on nature. We’re a place where you can talk and discuss nature, sending us your thoughts and creating dialogue, influencing not only our programming direction but also helping to bring about positive change to the environments, animals and places we care about so much.

To this end we’re starting the process off by donating a percentage of all proceeds of each subscription purchase to wildlife and nature charities around the globe; including the Jane Goodall Institute UK, Game Rangers International and Wild is Life Zimbabwe. This funding will directly contribute to the efforts of these non-governmental organisations that help preserve the world’s most vulnerable wildlife species and habitats.

We love nature. And we hope you’ll love watching, learning and talking about it through our new on demand platform. If you’re interested in becoming part of the community please check out the free trial of our service, or why not join us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or let us know your thoughts via [email protected].

Thanks for supporting us. Together we can inspire others about wildlife, the environment, and help protect the amazing beauty of the natural world in all its forms.

The Love Nature Team

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