Tickling a slow loris is not cute, it’s torture

If you’ve ever browsed around for cute animal videos on the internet, you may have come across videos of slow lorises being tickled. These videos usually feature a pet loris raising its arms in what appears to be pleasure, as it is caressed under its arms. You might think it is adorable, and that the slow loris is enjoying being tickled. It’s not.

The International Animal Rescue (IAR) wants you to know that the animals featured in those videos are victims of the illegal wildlife trade. These wild creatures are highly prized by pet owners due to their cute appearance, and videos of slow lorises being tickled are only adding fuel to the fire. As a result, thousands of slow lorises are taken from the wild, shoved in cages, and sold illegally in animal markets.

slow loris
“Thousands of slow lorises are poached from the wild and illegally sold on the street or in animal markets.” (Photo via IAR)

But you can help put an end to it: IAR is encouraging people to sign the Tickling is Torture pledge, and promise to stop watching, sharing and liking any videos or photos that promotes the illegal ownership of slow lorises.

You can learn more about the illegal pet trade and the animals affected by it here.