These unbelievable photos capture the staggering natural landscapes of Utah

America has more than its fair share of famous landscapes. From the sun-drenched coastlines and clifftops of California to the vibrant autumnal forests and shimmering lakes of New England, the US is a country filled with natural wonders.

However, of all the amazing landscapes to explore in America, Utah’s might be the most spectacular.

This great state could easily be overlooked in favour of famous natural landmarks lying just beyond its borders, such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. But skipping this state on an all-American road trip would mean missing out on some of the world’s most mesmerising sights.

Locations like Canyonlands National Park, Monument Valley and Lake Powell are among the epic views on offer here, making it a dream holiday for anyone with a passion for landscape photography.

Indeed, you could spend a lifetime attempting to capture the beauty of Utah’s red-and-white striped rock formations, wild rivers and colossal canyons, and that’s exactly what award-winning photographer Tom Till has done.

Based in the city of Moab in Utah for more than 40 years, Tom has explored most of the American southwest, sharing the stunning views in his camera lens through exhibitions, magazines and books. Despite having taken photos in 108 countries around the world, Utah remains one of his favourite locations to photograph.

From green and red rivers to titanic stone structures and precious untouched wildernesses, here are some of Tom’s most breathtaking images of Utah.

All photos by Tom Till ( If you’d like to see more amazing imagery and visuals from the state of Utah, Nature Scenes: Utah is now streaming on our video streaming app