It’s Groundhog Day! Here’s 7 expressive animals that all look a little like Bill Murray

Bill Murray has a few things in common with the animal kingdom: he’s lovable, fascinating to watch and capable of pulling some fantastic facial expressions when caught off guard.

To celebrate Groundhog Day (a holiday synonymous with the famous Bill Murray film of the same name), here are a bunch of kooky creatures who share their excellent, expressive poses with everyone’s favourite ghost busting funnyman.

Spider monkey


The long-limbed spider monkey uses its tail as a fifth limb, swinging effortlessly through the trees to forage for nuts, fruits, eggs and spiders. They can also be pretty noisy, using a variety of screeches and barks to communicate. Bill can obviously relate.

Rockhopper penguin


Of all the penguins, rockhoppers seem like they’d be the most sarcastic. Their comically tufty head feathers, serious-looking brows and intense red eyes combine to create a distinctive look that’s not far from being as deadpan as the delivery of Mr Murray himself.



Lions are the undisputed kings among African animals, just as Bill Murray is an undisputed king of the silver screen. Both these magnificent monarchs have massive mouths: the lion’s can open up to an astonishingly wide 11 inches.



One of the most popular crossbred dogs, puggles are an adorable mix of pugs and beagles, making them playful pooches with a curious and brave nature. It would be hard to turn down a face that loveable, and Bill Murray seems to have adopted the same knowing stare to win everyone’s hearts.



In the wild, lone wolves are typically older animals who have left their pack or been driven from it. He might be getting older but we reckon Bill Murray remains more of a pack animal, having starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood.



Tarsirs have the largest eye-to-body size ratio of all mammals—they use their enormous peepers to hunt at night while keeping a look out for predators in the dark. Presumably Bill Murray has no such problems, although his cheeky wink does share its charm with the tiny primate’s.



The animal who’s shadow Bill Murray will never be able to escape from: groundhogs are also known as woodchucks and whistlepigs, and are a type of ground squirrel or marmot. Found in northeastern America and Canada, legend says that if famous weather-predicting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow on 2 February, winter will last another six weeks.

That’s it for the animals—question is, can you name all of Bill’s films featured here? Let us know via our Facebook page for full Murray marks!

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