Meet Wallace. He's here because we can't stop flushing a certain luxury down the loo

The UK’s leading marine charity and the water company that supplies Cornwall are joining forces to highlight the huge problems created by flushing wet wipes down the loo—with the help of a giant monster made out of wipes! The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is bringing Wallace the Wet Wipe Monster to Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth on … Continued

The RSPB just pulled out of a government plan to save England's rarest bird of prey

The RSPB has pulled out of the UK government’s plan to save the country’s most endangered bird of prey, the hen harrier, declaring the controversial campaign a failure, and the charity is now calling for grouse shooting estates to be licensed, saying that is the only way to save the harrier from disappearing from England. … Continued

Friends, not food—Why we need to help save UK sharks  

Thought UK waters were free from sharks? Think again. In fact, over 30 shark species can be found along the British coastline, amongst them some of the largest, fastest, rarest and oddest sharks on the planet. Sadly, over half of these magnificent species are under threat—but there are plenty of ways in which marine wildlife … Continued

Success at Russian breeding grounds lightens grief over chick deaths

Thirty spoon-billed sandpiper chicks have been hatched by conservationists in Russia over the weekend. The good news follows the tragic death last week of the world’s first captive-bred spoon-billed sandpipers. The Russian chicks have been hatched from eggs taken from the wild by experts from WWT and Birds Russia, as part of a strategy known … Continued

In or out? What the EU referendum means for nature in Britain

On Thursday 23rd June 2016 there will be a referendum to decide whether or not the UK remains a member of the European Union (EU). There has been much debate in the media on the pros and cons of Britain’s potential exit or ‘Brexit’ from the EU. Most discussions have centred on issues like business, … Continued

Turtles risk stranding on UK beaches this week

The British public has been urged to keep an eye out for stranded turtles when they’re walking along their favourite beaches this week. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) says marine turtles spotted near Swanage, and thought to be endangered loggerheads, may well be at risk of stranding on nearby beaches in the coming days as the sea … Continued

Monkey trouble: The plight of primates behind closed doors

A new campaign has been launched to highlight the ongoing welfare concerns of monkeys and other primates kept confined and isolated in homes right across Britain.  An estimated 5,000 primates are kept as pets in the UK and rescue groups such as Wild Futures and the RSPCA receive approximately one call a week relating to the welfare … Continued