Biologists found 17 pounds of plastic lodged in a dead whale

The mounting problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans may not have been a concern for all of the world leaders during the recent G7 summit, but it continues to affect marine life in a pretty big way. Case in point? The story of a pilot whale that was discovered in Thailand’s Na Thap … Continued

Common markets. Exploring the ethics and idiosyncrasies of live animal markets, near and far, old and new

A friend of mine recently came across a live owl for sale in a market in Bali, South East Asia. The nocturnal bird was scrunched up in tiny cage, left out in the brutal heat and unforgiving sunlight of the day. Incensed at seeing such a magnificent creature being kept in the most miserable circumstances, … Continued

Dead cubs and body parts discovered at popular Thai Tiger Temple, as Buddhist monks accused of cruelty

The frozen remains of 40 dead tiger cubs have been discovered by wildlife officials at a Buddhist Temple in Thailand, where a monk has also been detained and accused of smuggling animal parts. The gruesome finds came to light on Wednesday and Thursday, during the authorities’ on-going operation to remove and relocate all 137 living … Continued

7 sacred animals from around the world

We share our planet with all kinds of amazing animals, but a few species have become particularly significant within our cultures and traditions. Whether we adore, admire, fear or respect these animals, each has come to represent an important aspect of humanity and our relationship with the planet.   Cow The humble cow is considered … Continued

Frustrated elephants have had enough of noisy motorcycles

A motorcyclist traveling through Khao Yai National Park in Thailand found himself on the wrong side of the herd, when a pack of angry elephants charged his noisy motorbike. The elephants were agitated due to a group of motorists that had sped through the same area moments earlier, and by the time this guy was … Continued

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