Elephants are ditching their tusks in an evolutionary twist

Darwin’s theory of evolution based on natural selection is proving true once again, except this time it seems like humans are to blame for the quiet genetic evolution taking place. Researchers in Africa have discovered a tuskless trend growing in female elephants, one they’re beginning to directly correlate to heavily poached areas. According to a … Continued

Scientists got octopuses high with some pretty amazing results

The brain is an amazing thing, especially when you stop to think about how it dictates our social behaviours. Neurologists are proving that once again with one of the most random, potentially controversial studies we’ve heard of in a while—one in which they gave octopuses ecstasy to see how it affects their behaviour towards one … Continued

Scientists discover world’s first omnivorous shark

Shark Week, Shark diving, Jaws, Baby Shark… our insatiable fascination for the coolest fish around knows no bounds. So it’s slightly surprising that we’re still discovering things about the various shark species out there, especially when it comes to their notorious diets. We’ve long known sharks to be carnivores, although some types have more blood-thirsty reputations … Continued

There’s a scientific reason why dogs are so friendly

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and if you’re a dog person then that’s a statement you can probably get behind. How else do you describe a faithful animal that’s always happy to see you, follows you around with doggy kisses, and at the end of the day just wants to be loved? … Continued

Turns out the laziest animals may inherit the Earth after all

Need another excuse to put off those chores and deadlines and snuggle in for a nap and some Netflix instead? Science may have your back. While we’ve always subscribed to Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, it seems like survival of the laziest… or sluggish, may be more likely—at least when it comes to … Continued

8 animals that may be key to curing human diseases

There are plenty of good reasons to preserve wildlife and their ecosystems, but if you need one major motivator to step up the conservation game, it’s certain animals’ relationships to western medicine. Thanks to genetic similarities, inspiring biological makeups, and naturally occurring chemicals, there are plenty of animals out there that could be key to … Continued

We’ve now destroyed 83 per cent of all wild mammals

There may be millions of species out there, but when it comes to the one that has been the most destructive, human beings are clearly at the top of the chain. New research shows that, despite the world’s 7.6 billion people representing just 0.01 per cent of all living things, we’ve now managed to destroy … Continued

Shrimp may be the key to stabilizing the ocean

Shrimp may be some of the tiniest creatures in the water, but when it comes to the all-important tasks of mixing up the ocean layers and transporting nutrients, shrimp and krill may pack a bigger punch than we originally thought. And you thought jumbo shrimp was an oxymoron. New research published in Nature suggests that tiny … Continued

How to beat pet homelessness—an easier solution than first thought?

American researchers conduct a first-ever look into the problem of pet homelessness in the United States and find that reducing the number of pets being rehomed—over a million cats and dogs annually—may be easier than it seems. While there’s been plenty of work studying the saga of abandoned pets, most have documented events post-surrender, meaning the factors that … Continued

The bigger and more urban the bird, the more human-tolerant it’s likely to be

Some wild species are more tolerant to humans than others and researchers want to know why so conservationists can determine which animals may need our help in the face of inevitably increasing human expansion encounters. Ecologically speaking, humans are the ultimate invasive species, and the larger our global population grows the more we impede on … Continued