Natural navigators: The many strange and different ways animals get home

With maps, compasses and new technology, humans find their way around the world with ease. But how non-human animals navigate has been one of nature’s great mysteries. Some species travel short distances around their home environment and some travel over vast distances, migrating to and from breeding grounds. The variety of ways in which different … Continued

YEAR IN REVIEW: A comprehensive look at all the wild things that happened in 2015

As we begin the countdown for the New Year and prepare to bid adieu to 2015, the hottest year ever recorded on Earth, Patrick Kinsella looks back on the discoveries, developments, disasters and decisions that defined the last 12 months, and finds plenty to both cheer and jeer about in the convoluted plot of the … Continued

Island toad population cleared of killer amphibian fungus

A deadly fungus that has been decimating amphibians worldwide for decades has been eradicated from an island population of wild toads, thanks to a breakthrough study. Chytridiomycosis—the infection caused by the chytrid fungus—is considered by the IUCN to be the worst disease to affect vertebrates in recorded history, in terms of the number of species … Continued