6 surprising animals that can change sex

Lets face it; most things in the natural world revolve around sex. Specifically, making sure you survive long enough to find and impress a mate—then have lots of offspring. It’s a complicated game that has led to all sorts of adaptations, but the one we’re sharing with you today is amongst the most surprising—the ability … Continued

6 shocking snake bite survival stories

Snakes are regarded as some of the scariest creatures around, and with stories like the ones you’re about to read, that might be with good reason. Capable of delivering some of the deadliest bites in the animal kingdom, snakes like blue kraits, inland taipans and black mambas are rightly respected for their nerve-affecting venom, which … Continued

Pythons: The Deadliest Invasive Species

Pythons are old world snakes, but despite this they’ve invaded the Florida Everglades, eating Alligators and Bobcats alike.

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7 frightening facts about animal fangs

Vampires and werewolves got you spooked this Halloween? You haven’t seen real fangs until you’ve come face to face with an adult hippopotamus, or felt true fear until you’ve witnessed the deadly toxic-spraying teeth of a spitting cobra. Keep reading for some genuinely frightening facts about the animal kingdom’s gnarliest gnashers. 1. Gaboon vipers fold … Continued

It’s a virgin birth! Female snake produces offspring without help from a male, for the second year running

In a bizarre mash-up of biblical narratives, a female serpent in southeast Missouri gave ‘virgin birth’ to live offspring, all without any interaction from a member of the opposite sex. The yellow-bellied water-snake at Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Centre has been alone and devoid of male companionship for around eight years. Nevertheless this is the … Continued

The natural world: Arboreal locomotion

Definition: movement within and between trees Some of us are better at it than others, but on the whole the human species remains pretty rubbish when it comes to the task of climbing trees. With a bit of courage we may be able to scramble up a trunk with conveniently spaced branches, but jumping from … Continued