Destination spotlight: Wild Croatia

On the forested flanks of the Snježnik massif in Risnjak National Park, it’s possible—if serendipity is on your side—to spy brown bears foraging amid the trees, to spot a lonely lynx prowling across the rocks and hear wild wolves howling. You could be in a corner of Canada, but you’re not. This is slap bang … Continued

Rewilding Britain

Rewilding Britain, a new charity, spearheaded by environmentalist George Monbiot, launched in 2015—its objective to ‘make Britain a wilder place’. We take a look what rewilding could mean for Britain’s uplands and ask if it presents an impossibly romantic vision or a genuine opportunity for people to reconnect with nature, for the benefit of both. … Continued

The bigger and more urban the bird, the more human-tolerant it’s likely to be

Some wild species are more tolerant to humans than others and researchers want to know why so conservationists can determine which animals may need our help in the face of inevitably increasing human expansion encounters. Ecologically speaking, humans are the ultimate invasive species, and the larger our global population grows the more we impede on … Continued