This week on Love Nature: The 'assassin of the sea' scares the heck out of us all

Imagine an animal that weighs the same as a small sachet of porridge, but can generate 1500N of force—equivalent to the resting weight of two people—in a lightning attack that’s as fast as a bullet leaving a gun. Add to this species, an arsenal of hammer-like appendages, pointed claws sharper than flick-knives, an eyesight that’s unparalleled to anything else in the animal kingdom … Continued

This week's 5 big new shows, only on Love Nature

The wilderness is one great big and beautiful place. So to celebrate this amazing fact we’re bringing some bright and bold shows to our exclusive natural history streaming service. From enormous elephant births to flourishing underwater ecosystems, onto the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas, check out our planet at its most bright and bountiful this … Continued

As NASA announces 1284 new planets, join us on a journey through space & time

NASA’s announcement this week that astronomers using the Kepler Space Telescope have just discovered another 1,284 exoplanets (new worlds that exist beyond the realm of our own solar system) makes the short film Cosmic Journeys: Interstellar Flight even more fantastically mind-bending viewing, with its use of CGI, history and science-based fiction to explain how the … Continued

From sneaky snakes to skilful sparrows: These 5 new shows simply shouldn’t be missed

Nature’s ingenuity can take many forms. From the highly complex and deadly neurotoxins that reside within a snake’s fangs, to the humble sparrow’s stealthy integration into complex cityscapes—the natural world always finds a way to make the best out of any given situation. It has to, else it simply wouldn’t survive. At Love Nature, we … Continued

6 nature shows you simply have to watch this week

The air is slowly losing its bite as life once again awakens from winter’s slumber (if you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere at any rate). It’s time to get out and about—to head out into nature and enjoy the sunshine of this newly-released spring, soon to be summer! But don’t worry, once you … Continued

Check out the fresh new nature shows on the app this week

In our opinion, you can never get enough nature documentaries. There’s something about sitting down and putting on a great show about the many animals that inhabit our grand old planet that really get’s us going. That’s why we’ve collated some of the most interesting natural history documentaries out there right now and bundled them … Continued