Supercute quoll leads bid to reintroduce threatened species to mainland Australia

Australia is famous for its fabulous menagerie of fantastic fauna, including many species that are unique to the great southern continent and have little respect for the rules of nature that apply elsewhere (yes, platypus, you egg-laying mammal, we are talking about you). Beyond the headline-hogging predators of the spider, snake, shark and crocodile worlds, … Continued

How do you stop an animal from eating a poisonous toad? By feeding it sausages!

Conservationists in Australia are serving up nauseating sausages to a population of northern quolls, in a novel attempt to educate the endangered marsupials about the perils of eating cane toads. Northern quolls (Dasyurus hallucatus) are small, spotted, carnivorous marsupials native to Australia, which are in danger of being wiped out due, amongst other factors, to … Continued