5 killer animals less dangerous than taking a selfie

Think of Earth’s deadliest killers, and the same animals always seem to spring to mind. Sharks, bears, alligators; these are the creatures that we consistently mark out as Mother Nature’s most bloodthirsty beasts. Look at the stats, however, and you’ll realise that these sharp-toothed megafauna aren’t half as deadly as we make them out to … Continued

We asked a cryptozoologist whether mythical creatures could actually exist

Have you ever glimpsed a strange animal or unknown creature looking like it had jumped straight out of a book on mythology and folklore? Probably not, but some do—many of these people then report their sightings to Cryptozoology News. Michael Bachman is the founder of the website, a journalistic platform for those who have sighted a cryptid, defined by Wikipedia as ‘an … Continued

Facial-cleansing routines are harming so many fish that even this cosmetics industry body says it should be stopped

A major cosmetics industry association has made a big move towards reducing plastic pollution in the world’s oceans after recommending that its 4,000 members phase out the use of microplastics in wash-off cosmetic and personal care products. The recommendation by Cosmetics Europe—the ‘voice of Europe’s EUR 58.1 billion cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry’—was cautiously welcomed by … Continued

Divers left in awe of giant sunfish

Holy mola, that’s a big fish! While diving off the coast of Santa Maria Island in Portugal, a group of divers encountered an extraordinarily giant sunfish, or Mola mola. Photographer Miguel Pereira managed to capture some amazing footage of the creature, who didn’t seem to mind the company. ‘[W]hen diving with a GoPro I saw … Continued

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