These incredible bird photos are beyond beautiful

A magically moody shot of a mute swan has nailed the top slot at the very first Bird Photographer of the Year (BPOTY) competition, a new initiative held by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) in partnership with Nature Photographers Ltd. BTO President and competition head judge, Chris Packham, made the announcement during the awards … Continued

The macroscopic splendour of snowflake photography

Canadian nature and landscape photographer Don Komarechka has a passion for exposing the hidden aspects of the world around us—and clearly a real knack for it. Komarechka uses a suite of tricks to showcase everything nature, from the progression of a Lunar eclipse to the compound eye of a deer fly, but some of his … Continued

Being mauled by a cheetah hasn’t slowed down Shannon Wild’s passion for wildlife photography

Everyone’s got a dream. For photographer Shannon Wild (real name Shannon Benson), that dream is to capture amazing portraits of wild animals on her camera. Shannon is one of the lucky few whose dream has become a reality. Since relocating to Africa from her native Australia to work full time as a wildlife photographer, she … Continued

Remembering Fukushima: Japanese daguerreotypist Takashi Arai links past, present and future by creating these timeless images

A partially-submerged ship. An abandoned rice field. The solemn faces of fishermen and farmers. Japanese photographer Takashi Arai hopes these carefully-captured images will connect with present and future generations, prompting them to reflect on the events of March 11th, 2011. It is now just over five years since an earthquake and tsunami took the lives … Continued

This amazing couple take the best underwater photography we've ever seen, and they do it all without scuba gear

Around 95% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored. This is hardly surprising when you think about it: humans have evolved to live on land, and aren’t naturally equipped to reach the deepest sea depths without relying on incredibly high-tech apparatus. And yet, despite the challenges involved in underwater exploration, some brave adventurers have dedicated their lives … Continued

These may be the year’s most amazing wildlife pictures

In celebration of the 350th anniversary of one of their publications, Royal Society Publishing held a photography competition. After over 1,000 global submissions, the winners are in. Royal Society Publishing has been offering scientists an international platform for a seriously long time, but this year they decided to do something entirely different. In honour of … Continued