From pharaohs to hairballs: How Cairo’s cats have evolved since ancient Egyptian times

Sure, there’s that segment of the population that have never warmed up to cats, but a lot of us out there have a weak spot for all things feline. Be it footage of lions roaming the plains or a YouTube video of a housecat riding a Roomba, face it, we’re more or less all suckers for … Continued

20 dressed-up animals who are winning Halloween

Trick or treat! These adorably costumed creatures seem to be rather excited for Halloween. Their outfits are more likely to cause shrieks of joy than screams of terror, but all of them deserve animal-friendly treats for their impressive efforts at being spectacularly spooky. Normally we’d say the old-sheet-with-holes ghost costume is a lazy option for … Continued

Animal Overlords: 5 creatures that keep their own pets

Humans aren’t the only ones to keep pets, you know. All sorts of animals from right around the world have been spotted forming masterful relationships with other species. But unlike us with our cats and dogs, these mutualistic creature companionships are usually essential for both animals’ well being, if not their very survival. Tarantulas and … Continued

Cats: Cute camping buddies or marauding maulers?

After the week that was—where the issue of travelling with pets reached pantomime proportions, with the creepy video of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apologising for smuggling their pooches into Australia—we chanced upon a website dedicated entirely to camping with cats, and the two contrasting stories combined to spark an interesting debate: should cats and … Continued

World's oldest dog dies

An Australian farm hound, thought to be the oldest dog in the world, died peacefully in her sleep over the weekend, it’s been reported. Maggie, a kelpie, was aged 30, which is the equivalent of 133 in human years. Kelpies are Australian working dogs, bred from collies and dingos for the tough conditions faced on … Continued

American tigers for sale

Want to know a frightening fact? There may be more captive tigers in the United States than left in the Asian wild. And these American tigers aren’t being born and bred in accredited zoos or academic settings, they’re backyard big cats. You read the headline right—thousands of tigers and lions are being privately held on … Continued

How to beat pet homelessness—an easier solution than first thought?

American researchers conduct a first-ever look into the problem of pet homelessness in the United States and find that reducing the number of pets being rehomed—over a million cats and dogs annually—may be easier than it seems. While there’s been plenty of work studying the saga of abandoned pets, most have documented events post-surrender, meaning the factors that … Continued

Canada’s ‘puppy-mill’ province pledges to clean up its act, just in time for International Animal Rights Day

Quebec has lagged behind most other Canadian provinces in regard to their animal rights laws for decades, but last Friday they become one of the most progressive of their peers, passing Bill 54 which recognises pets as sentient beings. There’s a lot to celebrate this annual International Animal Rights Day. Years after trendsetters like Germany … Continued

Spay/neuter vaccine inching closer to reality

Spay and neuter procedures have revolutionised animal management programmes worldwide, and majorly benefited us all in the long run, but is it time for another infertility option? The world’s bustling cat and dog populations, both feral and pet, are a problem. This fact isn’t earth-shattering news—it’s the reason spay and neuter techniques are endorsed by … Continued