Unique species of frog discovered to wear fanciful arrays of ‘hats’ and even a butterfly crown

A rare and elusive species of frog has been discovered in the rainforests of South East Asia with a unique penchant for one particular type of ornamentation: wearing a vast array of fanciful hats and headpieces. The ‘pale pink frog’, whose Latin name Idrafloris hyphantes literally translates means ‘skilful flower holder’ was observed by researchers … Continued

New Guinea's rainforests are being destroyed with apparent impunity

It’s becoming hard to see the (rain) forests for the (felled) trees on the island of New Guinea at the moment. With a legal farce involving a renowned large-scale timber thief playing out in West Papua, a new report has also just revealed that an area of Papua New Guinea’s rainforests larger than Australia’s entire … Continued