Owls Fly Silently. We tested it.

Owls are the silent killers of the avian world.

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These polygamist owls are baffling scientists for more than one reason

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But whoever “they” are probably meant the phrase to apply to human babies—not little owlets still living in their nests. So imagine scientists’ surprise when they accidentally discovered two great horned owl chicks being raised by a father, a mother… and another mother. That’s a … Continued

Exploring the often uphill battle of orphaned owl rescue

Here at Love Nature, we have a special appreciation of the wilder side of life on this planet. That’s why we so wholeheartedly admire organisations and individuals worldwide who dedicate themselves to helping orphaned or injured animals. While many wildlife rehabilitation facilities treat the whole gamut of local critters that surround them, some have pursued … Continued