13 things you didn't know about okapi, the African unicorn.

When it comes to African animals trying to survive the brutal realities of poaching and habitat loss, we often think of rhinos, elephants, and other popular creatures that have historically been featured in Disney movies or on magazine covers. Okapi, however, don’t usually spring to mind. With their unique physical makeup and their secluded nature, … Continued

Will this zebra-sock-wearing giraffe survive the pushmi-pullyu politics of Central Africa long enough to reveal its secrets?

Like a character dreamt up for a Dr Doolittle spin-off film by an over-caffeinated CGI artist, the okapi resembles the result of a drunken night of ill-advised passion between a zebra and a giraffe. Yet this idiosyncratic animal’s predicament is anything but amusing. The rare and intriguing mammal from the deepest darkest forests of the … Continued

This creature has the body of a horse, legs of a zebra and the head of a giraffe

The okapi, which looks like a mash-up of a horse, a zebra and a giraffe, is quite a hard creature to find in the wild. In fact, they used to be called the African unicorn because they were so rare.

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