'We have never seen anything like this'—Over 300 wild reindeer killed by freak lightning storm

Over the weekend hundreds of reindeer were killed by lightning in Norway, in a freak incident that appears to be unprecedented in recorded history. The bodies of 323 reindeer were found after a severe electrical storm savaged the Hardangervidda mountain plateau in southern Norway, a scenic area, which is popular among local hikers and foreign … Continued

Nature’s greatest mysteries

There are natural mysteries all over the world. In the past, our ancestors attributed them to the workings of gods and goddesses. Today, science has provided an explanation for most of them, yet questions remain about many natural phenomenon that we just don’t know the answers to. Here are 10 examples of nature’s greatest mysteries that … Continued

Killing endangered creatures by mistake is WAY more common than you'd like to believe

It made European headlines when a pair of hunters mistakenly entered the confines of Norway’s Polar Park Zoo and shot two elk, but sadly, people accidentally kill wild and often endangered animals quite a bit. Last week two Norwegian hunters called up officials at the northernmost zoo in the world with some seriously bad news. … Continued

Inquisitive moose plays with drone

Technology’s latest flying gizmos and Mother Nature aren’t always the best of buddies. In fact, it was only last year that drones were banned from all US National Parks over their intrusive noise and safety concerns. Yet it seems that, sometimes, UAVs aren’t as much as a nuisance as we believe them to be—at least … Continued

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