The strange world of river sharks

Worldwide there are more than 500 recognised species of sharks and that number is continuing to grow as new species are discovered lurking in the depths of the world’s oceans. Encompassing everything from the well known great white and hammerhead sharks, to little known oddities such as the deep-sea dwarf lanternshark or the enormous plankton … Continued

Tree Kangaroo: The Living Plush Toy

The Tree Kangaroo, or Boongarry, as the locals call them, looks like a monkey mixed with sloth mixed with a bear, but it’s neither sloth nor monkey nor bear. I think it’s safe to say, they’re anything but normal. While they have an appearance more akin to a monkey or sloth, the tree kangaroo is … Continued

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The strange tale of two mutations that nearly destroyed—then saved—a tribe of organ-eating cannibals

As anyone who’s seen a recent superhero film can tell you, mutation is an incredible thing. In the real world, mutations are just as amazing—providing the primary source of genetic variation and diversity in populations of living things. This diversity supplies the raw material for the process of evolution, which enables species to adapt to … Continued