6 incredible plans to redefine the future of space travel

Modern technologies have allowed humans to access even the most remote areas of Earth’s surface. Satellites, submarines and remotely piloted drones now traverse our world from the depths of the ocean to the thin reaches of the upper atmosphere. But our species’ future in space has only just begun. As advances in design and computing … Continued

The Riddle of Antimatter

Humans have come a very long way on our journey to understand the universe. From classical astronomers charting the movements of the stars, to the recent discoveries of the Higgs boson and gravitational waves, mankind’s progress in exploring the relationships between matter, space and time has been astounding. Despite these achievements, some of the most … Continued

10 amazing space missions you never knew about

Few things excite the human imagination like space travel. Missions to walk on the moon, land probes on speeding comets, or drive robots across Mars are undeniably thrilling, and remind us of just how far we’ve come from our humble primate roots. While the most electrifying missions are splashed across the headlines every few years, … Continued

'Roger Juno, welcome to Jupiter.' Probe begins exploring the brutal environment of our biggest neighbour

At six minutes to midnight on the fourth of July (Eastern Standard Time), the collected cast and crew at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, went totally wild. The exploratory probe Juno had just successfully gone into orbit around Jupiter, having navigated into one of the most hostile environments in our solar system—and it was … Continued

As NASA announces 1284 new planets, join us on a journey through space & time

NASA’s announcement this week that astronomers using the Kepler Space Telescope have just discovered another 1,284 exoplanets (new worlds that exist beyond the realm of our own solar system) makes the short film Cosmic Journeys: Interstellar Flight even more fantastically mind-bending viewing, with its use of CGI, history and science-based fiction to explain how the … Continued

Astronaut returns to Earth younger and taller than twin brother

If Albert Einstein is correct—and let’s face it, recent discoveries have proved that he has been right about pretty much everything so far—Scott Kelly is now slightly younger than his identical twin Mark. Not because he was born six minutes later (because, of course, identical twins are conceived at precisely the same time, regardless of … Continued