We asked an evolution expert what will happen to humanity after the apocalypse

It’s been portrayed in fiction, films, TV shows and video games. But if and when the apocalypse finally descends upon our humble Earth, what will actually happen to everyone? Will our great-great-great-grandkids survive a meteor collision like the one that killed the dinosaurs, or perish while a new species takes over? Could a few survivors … Continued

5 spectacular wildlife tours from every corner of the planet

How can ordinary folk like you and me encourage conservation in countries around the world? We could petition governments, launch campaigns, boycott products—the ideas are endless but it can be tough to assess if these methods really work. Fortunately, there’s a far simpler (and substantially more enjoyable) approach: sustainable tourism. Nothing speaks louder than visiting … Continued

9 awesome aspects of wild Namibia

Namibia’s Namib Desert is one of the oldest on the planet, arid for at least the last 55 millions years or so. During this time a rather incredible array of life has evolved to cope with the dry conditions. And a great wealth of these adapted animals and plants are endemic, meaning they’re not found … Continued

Everything you ever wanted to know about the illegal ivory trade, as explained by a leading elephant expert

Mary Rice has held a deep affinity with elephants for as long as she can remember. Today Executive Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)—an independent campaigning organisation committed to protecting the natural world from environmental crime—and team leader of their Elephant Campaign, the author of Heat, Dust and Dreams has been fighting for the welfare of … Continued

Cute fix: Meerkat naps with kitten

This video, which was posted to YouTube by username Georocks22, features a kitten enjoying a cat nap alongside a wild meerkat. According to the video’s description, the footage was taken in Namibia, Africa.

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Long live the king: Steps to curtail trophy hunting after Cecil’s death won't yet save Africa’s lions

While legions of people right across the world were outraged by the slaughter of Cecil the lion at the hands of dentist Walter Palmer in July 2015, many also hoped that the international attention would translate into positive change and a brighter future for Africa’s imperilled lions. In the wake of ‘Cecil-gate’, the US and … Continued

Conservationists and techies race to #SaveTheCheetah

An unlikely partnership is hoping to change a major misconception about the awe-inspiring cat. Cheetah Mobile (CMCM), a leading Chinese mobile and utility application company, has joined forces with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to raise awareness about the plight of the fastest land animal in the world—also Africa’s most endangered cat. Just 100 years ago … Continued

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