We asked a cryptozoologist whether mythical creatures could actually exist

Have you ever glimpsed a strange animal or unknown creature looking like it had jumped straight out of a book on mythology and folklore? Probably not, but some do—many of these people then report their sightings to Cryptozoology News. Michael Bachman is the founder of the website, a journalistic platform for those who have sighted a cryptid, defined by Wikipedia as ‘an … Continued

The amazing beastiary of improbable animals

Every Friday we feature the work of an artist, photographer or illustrator who we feel really encapsulates the love for nature we champion. This week we’re showcasing the art of Mateo Pizarro, who’s created the most amazing ‘Beastiary of Improbable Animals’ we think you’ll have ever seen. Here Mateo explains the project in his own words. My name is Mateo … Continued