We asked a genetics expert whether woolly mammoths could be brought back from the dead

The idea of bringing an extinct creature back from the dead is a seemingly ludicrous one. After all, if there are no creatures of a particular species left to reproduce, how can humans possibly expect to play God and resurrect them? For generations this has been an idea reserved for sci-fi literature and CGI-laden blockbusters. … Continued

Perfectly preserved: 10,000-year-old lion cubs discovered in the Siberian permafrost

Siberia’s permafrost throws up all sorts of oddities from time to time, from wooly mammoth carcasses, to the remains of ancient equine species. But in an extraordinary turn of events, Russian palaeontologists have just discovered what it is being called ‘the most perfectly preserved remains of cave lions ever unearthed.’ The two long-dead cubs, thoughts to … Continued