5 spectacular wildlife tours from every corner of the planet

How can ordinary folk like you and me encourage conservation in countries around the world? We could petition governments, launch campaigns, boycott products—the ideas are endless but it can be tough to assess if these methods really work. Fortunately, there’s a far simpler (and substantially more enjoyable) approach: sustainable tourism. Nothing speaks louder than visiting … Continued

Camels: pack animal of the future

Camels are ultra efficient workhorses, and the secret to their success may be in their blood. While most people think of horses, cattle and oxen as the ultimate pack-animals, camels have been equally useful to humans. The perfect longhaul transport vehicle—able to travel for weeks without water or food thanks to reserves in its hump—camels … Continued

Larger than life: Graham Spence, co-author of The Elephant Whisperer, reflects on the achievements of charismatic conservationist Lawrence Anthony

When Lawrence Anthony decided to save the lives of seven ‘troublesome’ elephants by giving them a home on his South African reserve, he wasn’t sure what would follow. But he knew it would be a great adventure. Anthony’s exploits with the elephants on ‘Thula Thula’ have been immortalised in the page-turning bestseller, The Elephant Whisperer. … Continued

Love Nature sets up Camp Zambia, to create shows offering an intensely intimate look at the country's wildlife

Here at Love Nature we’re dedicated to documenting the vast array of life that inhabits our planet, delivering the most intimate and unique animal stories from around the globe straight to your living room. Now, with the help of UK based Plimsoll Productions, we’re setting up Camp Zambia, looking to capture even more spectacular and … Continued

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Young elephant practices his bravery

This baby elephant does not take kindly to tourists! While visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa, a group of safari-goers came across the path of a herd of elephants. The youngest member of the pachyderm troop decides that he’s had enough of tourists, and tries to pick a fight with their vehicle. Fortunately … Continued

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It's #WorldRhinoDay! Let's raise awareness about these majestic animals

It’s World Rhino Day today, and people right across the planet are joining together to celebrate all five species of rhino—Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan—as well as raise awareness about the continued and desperate need to protect these majestic animals. First announced by WWF-South Africa in 2010, the international day of celebration has since grown … Continued

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The rhino who survived against all odds

A rhino in South Africa gets a second chance at life thanks to some clever veterinarians, and a dead elephant. Back in May, orn pope the Black rhino went through something too traumatic for most of us to imagine. Poachers snuck into her home in South Africa’s Lombardi Game Farm, stuck her with a sedation … Continued

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Orphaned baby rhino gets happiest ending possible

The surge in ivory poaching is seriously hurting South Africa’s rhino population, but one baby rhino left motherless by hunters goes against the odds. Remember seeing pictures of a poor little orphaned baby rhino, snuggling up to a passing vehicle it mistook for a potential mum? Good news—things are definitely looking up for little the little … Continued