This fish has a unique way of protecting her young from predators

Mouthbrooding, or oral incubation, is a form of parental care in which the mother or father will carry their eggs inside of their mouth. There are all kinds of species that are mouthbrooders, but it is most commonly exhibited among fish. Either the father or mother will carry the eggs around in their mouth, and … Continued

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Exploring the shifting shorelines of Armenia’s largest lake

There was a moment in spring 2012 when bureaucrats in the Armenian capital Yerevan gave a little cheer for Lake Sevan. Boosted by spring runoff from the surrounding mountains, the lake’s water level had finally risen above the 1900m contour, bringing it up to the same benchmark that had prevailed fifty years ago—before catastrophic man-made … Continued

Scientists knew this lake would 'drain catastrophically during 2015'—Now it finally has

This past July a permafrost retention wall holding back a lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories gave way, dumping half its contents—some 30,000m3 of water—into the surrounding countryside and creating a 2km trail of muddy debris. But the video (shown below) detailing the true extent of the event was just released last week, compliments a remote camera … Continued