We asked some Neuroparasitologists about the tiny critters that turn animals into zombies

Mindless, wandering creatures whose only remaining purpose in life is to serve their parasitic hosts. No, not the terrifying subject of a new George A. Romero flick, but a genuine natural occurrence caused by fiendish little organisms that have evolved brain-controlling abilities in order to survive. Neuroparasitology is the scientific study of parasites that control … Continued

7 amazing facts about gorillas that you probably didn’t know

Next to chimpanzees and bonobos, gorillas are the closest living relatives to humans. They share at least 95% of their DNA with us, and our two species derive from the same common ancestor. Despite this, gorilla populations have been sadly neglected by humans. Habitat loss due to increasing human populations and poaching for the bushmeat … Continued

10 facts you may not know about pigeons

Whether you consider them flying pests or lovely birds, pigeons are highly intelligent creatures. So intelligent, in fact, they were considered for part of a military program in which they would operate and guide missiles. Check the video above for more fun pigeon facts! For more fun animal facts, check out Animalogic on YouTube.

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No cause for alarm: This is just a half-mile long spiderweb

The ground lay covered in a beautiful coat of gentlest white, glittering serenely in dawn’s early light. But this isn’t frost. This is North Memphis, Tennessee, and the city—rather than being in a state of deep freeze—is actually covered in a spiderweb a half-mile long. When the gigantic spiderweb—and ‘millions’ of spiders—was first spotted, residents … Continued