Contenders for the cow: Other animals we’ve tried to milk (and why the cow is still tops)

Milk forms part of a healthy diet in humans. It is a great source of calcium—essential for keeping our bones and teeth strong—and protein, which we need for our bodies to grow and repair themselves. Vitamin B-12, vitamin A, vitamin D and potassium are all good for us and are present in milk, and the … Continued

Horse trapped in snow rescued by kind-hearted snowboarders

What started as a normal day of snowboarding turned into an epic rescue story. While celebrating his 21st birthday in the snow-laden Chilean Andes, Rafael Pease spotted something unusual sticking out of the snow. At first glance, Pease wrote it off as a rock, but soon realised that he and his friend had come across … Continued

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Horses and human share facial expressions

Horses and humans use remarkably similar facial expressions to convey their emotions, suggests a new study. Researchers from the University of Sussex discovered that horses use muscles beneath their facial features—including their nostrils, lips and eyes—to alter their expressions in different social situations. The experts identified 17 discrete facial movements in horses by analysing video … Continued