Exploring the extreme biology of being afraid

Halloween is right around the corner and whilst this spooky holiday brings a welcome chance to tip the fear-o-meter for us humans, not many other species seem to enjoy being afraid like we do—as far as we know. Today’s version of Halloween—the one with costumes and trick-or-treating—is far different than the 2,000-year-old Celtic festival of … Continued

Top 5 Spookiest Animals

From the masters of camouflage that lurk in the shadows to the most poisonous species known to man, our world is full of strange and mysterious creatures. As All Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner, Animalogic host Danielle Dufault counts down the 5 creepiest critters that are sure to send shivers down your spine. … Continued

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20 dressed-up animals who are winning Halloween

Trick or treat! These adorably costumed creatures seem to be rather excited for Halloween. Their outfits are more likely to cause shrieks of joy than screams of terror, but all of them deserve animal-friendly treats for their impressive efforts at being spectacularly spooky. Normally we’d say the old-sheet-with-holes ghost costume is a lazy option for … Continued

Zoo animals enjoy their yearly dose of pumpkin-fun

Zoos are always trying to come up with new ways to enrich their animals’ lives, and entertain audiences in the process if possible. That’s why many have taken on the tradition of offering their inhabitants autumn pumpkins—be them bears, birds or snakes. Though not every animal that gets the veg may be eager to dig in … Continued

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7 frightening facts about animal fangs

Vampires and werewolves got you spooked this Halloween? You haven’t seen real fangs until you’ve come face to face with an adult hippopotamus, or felt true fear until you’ve witnessed the deadly toxic-spraying teeth of a spitting cobra. Keep reading for some genuinely frightening facts about the animal kingdom’s gnarliest gnashers. 1. Gaboon vipers fold … Continued