Here's how the Arctic Fox adapted to the cold while staying cute

The Arctic Fox has got to be one of the cutest animals around, but they are also extremely tough. These little guys live in some of the coldest regions on the planet, and have had to adapt accordingly! They change colour depending on the season, their compact bodies prevent heat loss, and they are totally … Continued

The creative and cruel blood sport of fox tossing

For the sake of entertainment, animals have been subjected to human cruelty for a very long time. The Romans imported exotic beasts like lions and elephants for gladiatorial displays in the Circus Maximus. Bear baiting was popular in England up until the 18th century, involving a bear chained to a post and forced to defend … Continued

Aussie town invaded by 100,000 flying foxes

A popular tourist destination town in New South Wales, Australia, has been declared a disaster zone after being descended upon by an immense colony of megabats. The fruit bats, which have bodies about the size of a small dog and an average wingspan of one metre, are commonly known as flying foxes because of the … Continued

Virtual brutality—The cruel online world of animal atrocities

From live-animal smugglers to rare body-part merchants, puppy farmers to underground hunters—there’s a wild worldwide web of nastiness going on behind your computer screen, but thanks to a new app, you can help do something about it. The modern magic of social media gives us connectivity to entire communities at the swipe of a screen … Continued

Life of the foxes surviving in suburbia

It’s a curious paradox that those of us living in urban and suburban parts of the UK often rub shoulders more closely with wildlife than country folk do. But how did these animals end up in such incongruous living conditions, how do they survive and do humans and wildlife always make good neighbours? Driven out … Continued