Meet Vanessa, the fastest woman to climb the highest mountain on each continent

Vanessa O’Brien is a British-American mountaineer, explorer, public speaker and former business executive. She’s the fastest woman in the world to have climbed the Seven Summits—the highest mountain on each continent—and has also skied the last degree (60 nautical miles) to both the North and South Poles. We caught up with the ever-enthusiastic ex-banker to hear … Continued

Litter picking on Everest: Why the world’s tallest mountain still needs a tidy

With a cloud-piercing 8,848m summit, Everest is seen as the ultimate mountaineering expedition for adventurous climbers around the world. Reaching the top of the world’s highest mountain is a huge achievement—one that many have died attempting due to avalanches, crevice falls, hurricanes, frostbite, pneumonia or sheer exhaustion. When people do reach the summit, getting back down … Continued