French beach closes thanks to a horny, pent-up dolphin

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals… Let’s just file this one under headlines that sound fake but are actually true, shall we? Apparently even dolphins need to get their jollies. That fact became a little too evident recently when a beloved creature at a popular tourist beach in northwest France grew too horny for … Continued

Come and say 'awww' to adorable alpaca this week on Love Nature

We’ve got a whole host of new shows and documentaries for you this week on the Love Nature streaming app. Join activists in the soaring treetops of Texas with Above All Else, dive under the waves with  Dolphin Army, get lost in the land of fire and ice in Nordic Wild, discover an almost extra-terrestrial realm in Moray Eels: Alien Empire or immerse … Continued

Have you met nature's greatest Olympians?

Olympic athletes have to go through a lot. They train seven days a week, every week for years on end, pushing their body past its limits time and time again, all so that—every four years—they can compete against their peers for a chance to become ‘the best’ in the world. But what if they had to compete for Gold … Continued

These everyday animals all have shockingly naughty habits

It’s hard to look at a cow in the same way once you know how much these farm animals fart. Likewise, red foxes don’t seem quite as cute after you’ve heard their chilling human-like screams, and you might not want to feed the ducks after you discover their disturbing gang rape tendencies. A number of … Continued

20 facts about dolphins you may not have known

Did you know that killer whales are not actually whales? They are members of the dolphin family, and just so happen to be the largest member of said group. Orcas find themselves in good company, as dolphins are incredibly smart. In fact, they have the largest brain to body mass ratio of any other animal … Continued

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Killer whales spotted hunting and devouring helpless dolphin in New Zealand

There’s a reason why they’re called killer whales. During a fishing trip in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand, 12-year-old Jackson Baker and his father Richard spotted a pod of orcas swimming and splashing about near their boat. The boy did what any excited whale watcher would do: he grabbed a camera and began to film. … Continued

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