The Lost World of Tree Frogs and Vine Snakes

Deep in the rainforests of Costa Rica, lies a wide variety of amphibians and reptiles, but to find them you’ll have to look very closely.

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Sloths Move So Slowly That Algae Grows on their Coats

Along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, lies a park filled with a whole host of wildlife; sloths, monkeys, caiman, land crabs and… tourists.

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Into Jaguar Territory

Home to one of the most diverse ecosystems of it’s size on the planet, the Osa Peninsula is a bastion for wildlife like no other.

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Have you met nature's greatest Olympians?

Olympic athletes have to go through a lot. They train seven days a week, every week for years on end, pushing their body past its limits time and time again, all so that—every four years—they can compete against their peers for a chance to become ‘the best’ in the world. But what if they had to compete for Gold … Continued

We asked a rainforest conservation expert about the solution to slash and burn farming

Slash and burn farming is a dangerous and unsustainable method of clearing trees to make room for agriculture. As witnessed in Indonesia recently, it can prove catastrophic for rainforest ecosystems containing some of the world’s most remarkable species. But it’s not just animals and plants that these destructive practices affect. Billions of tonnes of carbon … Continued