7 tips to train your cat like a dog

There are (mostly) two types of people in this world: dog people and cat people. And while dog people will expound on the merits of being able to train their trusty pets, they may be forgetting one small thing: you can train a cat, too. Sure, felines may not as readily beg, sit, speak, or … Continued

Feral cats are accidentally killing off one of Earth’s rarest seals

Let’s file this one under “here’s another reason to spay or neuter your cats.” As pregnant women everywhere know, “kitty litter parasite” (a.k.a. Toxoplasma gondii), is a very real thing. The toxoplasmosis-causing parasite has long been the reason expecting mothers aren’t supposed to scoop the family cat’s litter box, but now it seems like “toxo” … Continued

From pharaohs to hairballs: How Cairo’s cats have evolved since ancient Egyptian times

Sure, there’s that segment of the population that have never warmed up to cats, but a lot of us out there have a weak spot for all things feline. Be it footage of lions roaming the plains or a YouTube video of a housecat riding a Roomba, face it, we’re more or less all suckers for … Continued

The curious case of the domestic cat

From yards to YouTube feeds, cats are simply everywhere. But despite their firm footing in our everyday lives, it seems we still have a ways to go yet when it comes to appreciating the wilder complexities of our feline friends. Jennifer Huizen embarks on a fascinating journey into their hairball-filled history, examining the curious case of the … Continued

Strange facts about tongues

In humans, the tongue is used to manipulate food for chewing and swallowing. It also allows us to taste, the upper surface being covered with between 3,000 and 10,000 taste buds. We also use our tongue for speech, enabling us to make changes in sound. Our tongues are impressive but throughout the animal kingdom tongues are … Continued

7 near-psychic animals that might just be able to predict disasters before they happen

Whilst precognition, the ability to see future events through extrasensory means, has not been proven in the animal kingdom (or anywhere in the known universe for that matter), anecdotal evidence still suggests that some creatures might react to disasters before they actually take place. Here are 7 powerful predictor species, who seem to be skilled … Continued

'If only more people knew that it exists'—Meet Africa's critically endangered ghost cat

The fastest land mammal on Earth once ranged across 25 million square kilometers, from South Africa to Morocco and Iran to India. Now, the iconic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is a shadow of its former self. Beset on all sides by vanishing prey, declining habitat and increasing poaching, and human-wildlife conflict, the future is at best … Continued

Watch this cheetah bring down a gazelle

Cheetahs are swift hunters, but they have to work hard in order to bring down their prey. Watch Icons of The Wild: The Predators of Africa, now on the Love Nature app. Not a member? Subscribe now and get your first 30 days free!

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Cats: Cute camping buddies or marauding maulers?

After the week that was—where the issue of travelling with pets reached pantomime proportions, with the creepy video of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apologising for smuggling their pooches into Australia—we chanced upon a website dedicated entirely to camping with cats, and the two contrasting stories combined to spark an interesting debate: should cats and … Continued

The definitive big cat cookbook for taking down the perfect prey

Big cats are one of our planets most successful groups of predators which have existed in one form or another (Felidae) for 25 million years. Today they are found on every continent except Antarctica, living in environments ranging from dry deserts and freezing tundra to tropical rainforests and lush grasslands. The tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, … Continued

Turns out your cat is a miniature lion but don't worry, it's not out to kill you. We think

This may be shocking news to cat lovers everywhere, but we know virtually nothing about feline personalities. While there’s been 150 studies into the specifics of primate personalities, and 51 concerning candids, to date there’s only been 20 to query this aspect of cats and most have focused on domesticated subjects only. This is especially … Continued

New photographic record of one of the world’s rarest wild cats

Andean cats—one of the world’s most elusive felines—have been captured on camera at a nature reserve in Chile for the first time. Close-up footage of a female Andean cat (Leopardus Jacobita) and her cub was taken using motion-sensor camera traps in Los Flamencos National Reserve by researchers from National Corporation Forestal (CONAF), working in partnership … Continued