Wolf? Fox? Deer? The maned wolf is not any of those things

The maned wolf is a very odd creature: It resembles a cross between a wolf and a fox, with the long legs of a deer. However, it is not closely related to other canines, and sits in its own genus called Chrysocyon. They are all members of the canid family of which the maned wolf … Continued

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How did this dog find its way home, across 240 miles of strange terrain?

Last month, an English sheepdog shocked its former owners by turning up on their doorstep in Ceredigion, Wales, after they had given him to another farm in Cockermouth, Cumbria, some 240 miles away. Amazingly, it seems as though, over a periods of two weeks, Pero (positively identified through his microchip) had negotiated the epic journey … Continued