The most significant instances of wildlife decline in Canada in 2018

Earlier this year it was pretty sobering to learn that we’ve now killed 83 per cent of all wild mammals on earth. Still, facts like that somehow seem to be another country’s problem—something sad that happens in other parts of the world. In a country like Canada, we’re basically doing okay with our moose, and … Continued

Wild winters: How animals survive the cold

Winters are a trying time for wildlife. With freezing temperatures, scarce food sources and difficulty in camouflaging, it isn’t easy to get by. Different animals use different strategies to survive and make it through these harsh conditions. Here are a few tricks that help some creatures weather even the coldest of winters. Moving on: Migration Without … Continued

Exploring the often uphill battle of orphaned owl rescue

Here at Love Nature, we have a special appreciation of the wilder side of life on this planet. That’s why we so wholeheartedly admire organisations and individuals worldwide who dedicate themselves to helping orphaned or injured animals. While many wildlife rehabilitation facilities treat the whole gamut of local critters that surround them, some have pursued … Continued

Close encounters of the grizzly kind (or, how to survive a bear attack)

As bear populations make a comeback, many of the same issues that initially helped cement their decline are rearing their ugly head once more. Namely unfortunate human-bear encounters. Yet despite the gnarly attack stories making headlines, including some stories we’ve covered here at Love Nature, most bears want nothing to do with people. In fact, … Continued

Exploring the haunt of the ghost bear

Starting in the vast, roadless, volcano-pockmarked Katmai National Park and Preserve in southwest Alaska, where earthquakes happen on a daily basis and gigantic grizzlies roam around at the very apex of the food chain, the stunning new film The Search for Ghost Bears takes viewers on a jaw-dropping journey to the cloud forests of British … Continued

Five marine mothers and the incredible ways they care for their young

Underwater mothers face challenges and dangers we cannot imagine, including those posed by human activities such as pollution, habitat loss and underwater noise from shipping and development. It’s WWF Water Wednesday, when Love Nature television explores the unique characteristics, natural history, environmental challenges and threats facing waters and aquatic species in Canada and around the … Continued

Grizzlies and polar bears are crossbreeding because of climate change, creating a new hybrid species

Climate change is blamed for many things these days, but one of the weirder consequences of a warming Earth is an increased number of incidents when grizzlies get jiggy with polar bears. Yep. If you go down to the woods today you really won’t believe your eyes. Officially, the result of such mixed-species mating shenanigans … Continued

The macroscopic splendour of snowflake photography

Canadian nature and landscape photographer Don Komarechka has a passion for exposing the hidden aspects of the world around us—and clearly a real knack for it. Komarechka uses a suite of tricks to showcase everything nature, from the progression of a Lunar eclipse to the compound eye of a deer fly, but some of his … Continued

This coyote is having the time of his life with a ball he found

We know that most dogs enjoy a game of fetch from time to time, so it should only make sense for some of their wilder cousins to also have a ball playing around, right? Take this coyote for instance, who was caught on tape playing with a ball in someone’s yard. YouTube user Evnissyen uploaded … Continued

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10 awe-inspiring natural wonders to visit via Google Maps  

Nothing beats experiencing nature first hand. Whether you’re standing in the shadows of a vast geological monument, witnessing wild animals up close or soaking up the ambience of some remote untouched wilderness, no one’s yet found a way to fully replicate our planet’s most amazing spectacles through technology. That said, not everyone has the budget … Continued

5 astonishing facts about Canada’s whale populations

[geoip-content country=”CA”] It’s WWF Water Wednesday, when Love Nature television explores the unique characteristics, natural history, environmental challenges and threats facing waters and aquatic species in Canada and around the world. Tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT watch Sperm Whales: Titans of the Deep and read on for five incredible facts about whales you’ll find in … Continued

Here be spirit bears

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to visit Canada’s breathtaking west coast, did you know that the region boasts the world’s largest intact coastal temperate rainforest, the legendary home of the Spirit Bear. British Columbia’s entire coastline is lined by old-growth rainforest, but in roughly the middle of the province, a special stretch some … Continued

5 reasons we need to protect the Peace-Athabasca watershed

[geoip-content country=”CA”] It’s WWF Water Wednesday, when Love Nature explores the unique characteristics, natural history, environmental challenges and threats of Canadian waters. Tune in to Love Nature on television every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT for WWF Water Wednesdays to learn more about other amazing watery environments found around the world. [/geoip-content] The Peace-Athabasca watershed … Continued

The wild and rugged Lower Mackenzie Watershed

Every other week as part of WWF Water Wednesday, Love Nature explores Canadian Rivers, their unique characteristics, natural history and environmental challenges and threats. Today, we look at the Mackenzie River. Though few have ever seen the extreme, mostly frozen, beauty of the Lower Mackenzie Watershed, it’s one of Canada’s greatest freshwater systems, emptying 13 … Continued

Running around with baby bison

As the largest land animals in North America, a charging bison can be a terrifying sight. As a baby, watching a bison run around might remind you of a puppy at play.

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The magnificent Great Lakes

Next in the WWF Water Wednesday blog series by Love Nature is a fascinating look at the Great Lakes. Learn interesting things you may have not known about the Great Lakes watershed is the planet’s biggest freshwater ecosystem, encompassing 223,948 square kilometres. Millions of Canadians and Americans rely on the lakes and surrounding watershed for … Continued

5 freshwater species at risk in Canada

These are just a handful of the species at risk in Canada’s freshwater ecosystems. The health of Canada’s watersheds and maintaining our access to freshwater, food and more, is integral to protecting the livelihood of these species. Learn more about these five species from David Miller, President and CEO of WWF-Canada. Video produced by Blue … Continued

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Scientists knew this lake would 'drain catastrophically during 2015'—Now it finally has

This past July a permafrost retention wall holding back a lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories gave way, dumping half its contents—some 30,000m3 of water—into the surrounding countryside and creating a 2km trail of muddy debris. But the video (shown below) detailing the true extent of the event was just released last week, compliments a remote camera … Continued

Canada’s ‘puppy-mill’ province pledges to clean up its act, just in time for International Animal Rights Day

Quebec has lagged behind most other Canadian provinces in regard to their animal rights laws for decades, but last Friday they become one of the most progressive of their peers, passing Bill 54 which recognises pets as sentient beings. There’s a lot to celebrate this annual International Animal Rights Day. Years after trendsetters like Germany … Continued

The magical footage of 2000 beluga whales playing together that simply needs to be watched

Spots of bright white fleck an otherwise calm and turquoise sea in Canada’s far north. They are beluga whales—over 2000 of them—caught on camera frolicking about in Cunningham Inlet last summer, the edited footage recently published online. Arctic adventure tour guide Nansen Weber captured the footage whilst on a mission to film the beauty of the … Continued

5 amazing facts about the St. Lawrence River

North America’s St. Lawrence water system—which includes the Great Lakes—is one of the largest in the world, and is responsible for draining more than a quarter of the Earth’s freshwater reserves. The artery of this system, the St. Lawrence River, reaches deep into the interior of this massive continent, connecting the Great Lakes system to … Continued

Coywolf dominates northeastern North America but fails to be formally recognised

In the 1930s and 40s, a rather unusual looking breed of wild dog began to pop up across the northeastern United States. Smaller than a wolf but much larger than a coyote, the crossbreed was classified in the late 1960s as an eastern coyote or coydog, a cross between a coyote and a dog. Though … Continued

Watch 4 baby black bear cubs play and wrestle

Meet Captain, Klondike, Blue and Scout – 4 North American black bear cubs living at the Bearizona Wildlife Park in Arizona. They enjoy climbing, playing and wrestling, which helps them to develop their social skills.

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