Seagull falls into a vat of curry. Turns orange

A British seagull ended up rather orange-faced recently when it fell into a vat of curry. The bird tumbled into the container of chicken tikka masala whilst trying to pinch meat from a food factory last week. Workers rescued the now umpa-lumpa-looking bird at the site in Wales, before delivering it to a nearby wildlife … Continued

Meet the vampire of the world's waterways, found in a river or sea near you right now…

It has a mouth crammed full with concentric rings of hideous teeth, it latches onto prey animals and drinks their blood mercilessly (often draining them to death), and it’s living in a river, lake or sea near you. Meet the lamprey, one of Mother Nature’s nastier creations. The lamprey has been around, unpretty much unchanged, … Continued

Britain's Wildlife Crime Unit facing extinction, but YOU can help save it

The agency tasked with combatting crimes such as illegal hunting and cruel sports in the UK is under severe threat of imminent closure, and time is fast running out to save it—but you can help. Since it was established in 2006, the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) has been investigating countryside criminality including deer poaching, … Continued