Meet Borneo's pygmy elephants

Think of elephants and you probably picture majestic herds lumbering across an African plain. That’s unsurprising; there are still some 700,000 elephants on the continent, despite being down from as many as five million barely a century ago. The African elephant (Loxodonta africana) is the poster child for conservation, garnering millions of dollars in pledges … Continued

Here's the first ever recorded video of Borneo's 'deer-killing' vampire squirrel

Deep in the forests of Borneo lurks a squirrel with the largest tail-to-body mass ratio of any mammal—and a taste for deer blood. Ok, so maybe only one of these facts is verified, but odder animal-legends have proven true in the past. The real name of this animal in question is the Tufted Ground squirrel, but it also … Continued

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