Why colourful bird feathers never fade

Imagine a future where colourants were nearly fade-resistant, on top of being far more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In this scenario a coat of paint could last a lifetime and red sweaters would never dye socks and undies pink. Well thanks to University of Sheffield researchers, an X-ray scattering machine at the ESRF facility in … Continued

When the fish are gone

Vast and seemingly limitless, we traverse its edge on foot, its waves on ships and occasionally dive to its shallower depths. Our oceans cover 70% of the world’s surface and 99% of the world’s habitable space for life. However what resides within those endless blue waters for the most part remains out of sight and, … Continued

Shows for all the family—new this week on Love Nature

From brightly-plumed parrots to adorable baby beasts, onto the stunning coral reefs of Central America—we’ve got something for everyone this week, new on the Love Nature streaming app. Dive into nature like never before with the following shows. NEW THIS WEEK Twenty Masterpieces of Nature: Iguaçu The Iguaçu National Park in Brazil has the richest … Continued