5 animals with abilities that outdo humans

Mantis Shrimps Mantis shrimps are marine crustaceans that live in warm shallow water. They typically grow to be six to twelve inches in length, and live between three to six years. Though this colourful crustacean is small in size, they’ve actually got the world’s fastest and most powerful punch. Two raptorial appendages on the front … Continued

Family raises dog for two years before realizing it’s a bear

According to Jim Halpert, it’s pretty much fact that bears eat beets. But apparently, it’s also a fact that bears look like dogs. So much so that one family actually raised a bear thinking it was a dog for two whole years. That’s right, when a family in China purchased a puppy two years ago … Continued

10 lethal animal encounters that could have totally been avoided

Wild animals are beautiful to look at… or at least they are from afar. That’s because wild animals are exactly that–wild. That means you’re probably best to stay far away and to not try and tame them as pets or snuggle up to them in order to snap a selfie. Yet every year we hear … Continued

5 killer animals less dangerous than taking a selfie

Think of Earth’s deadliest killers, and the same animals always seem to spring to mind. Sharks, bears, alligators; these are the creatures that we consistently mark out as Mother Nature’s most bloodthirsty beasts. Look at the stats, however, and you’ll realise that these sharp-toothed megafauna aren’t half as deadly as we make them out to … Continued

Animals that get drunk, stoned or high

From bears to bats, a whole range of animals have discovered the dangerous vices of alcohol and drugs. Most manage to find their narcotics naturally in the wild, although some have unfortunately found human substances to be more effective at getting them high. We don’t necessarily condone the unhealthy habits of these substance-abusing beasts, but … Continued

Close encounters of the grizzly kind (or, how to survive a bear attack)

As bear populations make a comeback, many of the same issues that initially helped cement their decline are rearing their ugly head once more. Namely unfortunate human-bear encounters. Yet despite the gnarly attack stories making headlines, including some stories we’ve covered here at Love Nature, most bears want nothing to do with people. In fact, … Continued

Rogue bear with taste for human flesh blamed for four fatal attacks in Japan

People are being warned not to stray into the forest in Japan’s Akita prefecture, a mountainous area in the north of the country’s main island Honshu, after the discovery of four bodies in the last few days. The victims are believed to have been fatally attacked by bears—with some speculating that one rogue animal could … Continued

Exploring the haunt of the ghost bear

Starting in the vast, roadless, volcano-pockmarked Katmai National Park and Preserve in southwest Alaska, where earthquakes happen on a daily basis and gigantic grizzlies roam around at the very apex of the food chain, the stunning new film The Search for Ghost Bears takes viewers on a jaw-dropping journey to the cloud forests of British … Continued

Exploring what happens when you make an animal 'un-endangered' again 

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is recommending that Yellowstone National Park’s iconic grizzly bear population be delisted as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. And just last year another classic American bear, the Louisiana black bear— inspiration behind the world famous teddy bear— underwent the same process. There’s been public outcry over … Continued

Pandas Are Worse at Sex Than You

Pandas have seemingly done everything in their power to go extinct, should we just let them? From giraffes and gorillas to penguins and pandas, every animal is part of THE BIG FEED. This fascinating documentary takes you behind the enclosures, chronicling the challenges of feeding animals in the zoo. Everything pandas do seems to defy … Continued

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Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

Polar bears are in trouble: the cold, Arctic environment they are used to is quickly vanishing due to climate change. Rising carbon emissions have contributed to global warming, causing sea ice to melt. Polar bears rely on sea ice for hunting, and without it their range and ultimately their population will disappear. But hope is … Continued

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Watch 4 baby black bear cubs play and wrestle

Meet Captain, Klondike, Blue and Scout – 4 North American black bear cubs living at the Bearizona Wildlife Park in Arizona. They enjoy climbing, playing and wrestling, which helps them to develop their social skills.

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Yellowstone's grizzly bear breeding population has expanded fourfold, new study reports

Forty years ago, when grizzly bears gained protection under the Endangered Species Act, they were in serious trouble. In the lower 48 states the bear held just two percent of its former range, with only 800 to 1000 individuals persisting in five or six holdout communities. The most southernmost and isolated of these populations was the bears … Continued

Animals need personal space too

Humans have probably always had a propensity towards bugging wildlife, but today’s selfie-culture could be pushing things too far. Seen that startled sea otter video floating around the Internet a little while ago? Well it might not seem like it, the person waking this sound-asleep otter was actually breaking the law—not just in the United States … Continued

Expedition captures first ever video footage of elusive Peruvian bird

Conservationists are celebrating this week as camera traps captured images and video of the elusive Sira Currasow bird and the rare Andean spectacled bear, deep inside the remote Cerros del Sira, Peru. The success is hard earned, with biologists from the Universities of Exeter and Glasgow along with scientists from Peru, having spent weeks trekking through rugged and challenging … Continued

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