French beach closes thanks to a horny, pent-up dolphin

You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals… Let’s just file this one under headlines that sound fake but are actually true, shall we? Apparently even dolphins need to get their jollies. That fact became a little too evident recently when a beloved creature at a popular tourist beach in northwest France grew too horny for … Continued

Bring on the beach! 5 nature-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy

The beach is where sea, sky and land intersect and where families come together. It’s got something for everyone: open space to stretch your legs, living things to inspire curiosity, wind and waves to ignite the senses, breathtaking views to soothe the soul. It’s where the inner child in everyone is free to come out … Continued

How parrot fish build sandy beaches will gross you out

Finding out how tropical beaches become so sandy might make you want to avoid the beach for the rest of your life.

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Turtles risk stranding on UK beaches this week

The British public has been urged to keep an eye out for stranded turtles when they’re walking along their favourite beaches this week. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) says marine turtles spotted near Swanage, and thought to be endangered loggerheads, may well be at risk of stranding on nearby beaches in the coming days as the sea … Continued