Animals that get drunk, stoned or high

From bears to bats, a whole range of animals have discovered the dangerous vices of alcohol and drugs. Most manage to find their narcotics naturally in the wild, although some have unfortunately found human substances to be more effective at getting them high. We don’t necessarily condone the unhealthy habits of these substance-abusing beasts, but … Continued

Do you know about nature's strangest symbioses?

Out in the natural world it’s survival of the fittest. Whether that means being the fastest or strongest, the best camouflaged or most poisonous, or perhaps simply the most intelligent—nature has thought of it all. Amongst the most ingenious strategies are symbioses. These are species that have adapted, through chance, to rely on and benefit … Continued

10 of America’s weirdest animals

Thanks to the work of Louis Theroux and other fearless documentarians, we know that America is home to the occasional eccentric human. But what about the world of animals? Surely there are some stateside critters with equally unusual ways of life? You bet. There are all kinds of bizarre animals living in the deserts, rivers and prairies … Continued

Aussie town invaded by 100,000 flying foxes

A popular tourist destination town in New South Wales, Australia, has been declared a disaster zone after being descended upon by an immense colony of megabats. The fruit bats, which have bodies about the size of a small dog and an average wingspan of one metre, are commonly known as flying foxes because of the … Continued

16 batty facts about bats

With approximately 1240 different species, bats make up nearly 20% of the world’s population of mammals. They are separated into two distinct groups: large, fruit-eating megabats (or flying foxes) and carnivorous microbats. Take a look at the video above for even more mind-blowing facts about these winged mammals. For more fun animal facts, check out … Continued

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Over the past 10 years this deadly fungus has nearly wiped out North America's bats

Evolution is an arms race, with animals and plants trying to stay a step ahead of their parasites and pathogens. Although diseases often spread without killing many of their hosts (think the common cold for humans), sometimes, a new ingredient can massively change the balance. This is exactly what happened to bats in North America, … Continued

Nature, you can be one scary place

Vampires? Werewolves? Zombies? Sure, they can be scary, but they’re not real. From the creepiest of crawlies to sharp-fanged beasts, nature is full of creatures that will send shivers down your spine… and they’re not make-believe.

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Lost baby bat is rescued by mum and given a big worried hug of relief

A baby fruit bat lies on the concrete floor, desperately calling out for its mother in the darkness; it’s a scene that even the most hardhearted of watchers will struggle not to feel concern over. Luckily this story has a happy ending when—hearing the distress calls—the juvenile’s mother sweeps into the rescue, giving the scared baby … Continued

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One in five Brits hate bats

Bats have been voted the UK’s third least favourite mammal after rats and mice in a recent survey, with one in five respondents claiming to dislike or hate them. Women, young adults and people living in London or the North East are the most likely to have an aversion to bats, according to the OnePoll … Continued